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[PSL V] Midseason Auction!

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Mark my words - next season, there will be no mid season auction. 

Bluejim 24k

Man fuck it, the PSL rules this season are silly. Let him buy his own player back. I mean c'mon, Gluumac just got Gazelli/SubZero/Kyzu back too. 

Just now, Eggplant said:

I don't think xploz should be allowed to bid on schuchty. That's dumb asf.

Kanzo should be able to settle for 2.5 if nobody else outbids.

it's a midseason auction. He can do the outbids does not matter. Anyway he is stuck with his old pall hahahah

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Just now, XPLOZ said:

It was a full credit sell back if i'm right

Yup, even though both managers who had him knew he was on two accounts. But hey, it's none of my business. 

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Just now, Gunthug said:

Mark my words - next season, there will be no mid season auction. 

The Iron Mickey Hands strike again! Look forward to it though. Midseason has always been a reason for unnecessary outrage for the PSL. Every season there is some sort of drama that propels one team over another, and it always has to do with the midseason. 

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20 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

Mark my words - next season, there will be no mid season auction. 

Good, it has a tendency to ruin the whole thing anyway.


the whole free agent thing is a good replacement to deal with needed sell backs due to scumbag players. No more midseason sign ups 

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Alright it's kind of tough to follow but here's what I got for auctions that are now complete


Houndooms have grabbed Misterhide for 11.5k


Gladiators have snatched Schuchty from the claws of inactivity for 4k


Greck's UFOs have landed Lordofangmar for 2k


Kanzo's Ninjas secured Camyy for 4k


Xploz has landed Bluejim for 25k (a reminder that the schuchty sellback is the only reason you can afford him, keep that in mind while pondering future complaints)


Remember, today is the last day to place opening bids on players - if no one else is bid on today, the auction will effectively be over (thank god). Otherwise, tomorrow will only be for outbidding, and as soon as the bell strikes ...whatever time I set, all outstanding bids will be finalized

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