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[PSL V] Midseason Auction!

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Mark my words - next season, there will be no mid season auction. 

Bluejim 24k

Man fuck it, the PSL rules this season are silly. Let him buy his own player back. I mean c'mon, Gluumac just got Gazelli/SubZero/Kyzu back too. 

2 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

The following bids have gone 12 hours without an outbid and are therefore locked in!


Leorodo - 5.5k to road ninjas

Gazelli - 16.5k to Gladiators

Chico, Laazaro, and Maekaaay - 2k each to Raging Lions


Congrats on your acquisitions, and welcome to your new teams, players!

LETS GO, also is there any way you can get ingame?

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I went into it in more detail on the manager's message thread but I'm not going to rehash it much here - Lion will get 2k credits for DrCraig sellback (still way more than his actual value). I'll update the rosters sheet and remaining credits accordingly


OH one more quick note - don't pay attention to the remaining credits on the google docs spreadsheet - too much work to keep those updated while also updating the 2nd post of this thread, so I'll just update it here and after the auction I'll update the google docs credit count

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1 hour ago, Crazyhell said:

stuff WTF !

stuff XPLOZ stuff stuff irl stuff uguu stuff fucking stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff uguu ( stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff )

stuff www.wtfisthatpic.com stuff  stuff stuff ( just for the troll ) 




stuff  stuff stuff stuff Ban stuff stuff stuff NICE JOKE




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5 minutes ago, Crazyhell said:

Inactive WTF !

Just XPLOZ boring me irl msg uguu one fucking message for say log in uguu ( but i can't i work )

And https://gyazo.com/ef7d5c281136e662a23890653a4ab4cc 4D not 5 ( just for the troll ) 




Tell me why i'm Ban but no gazeli NICE JOKE



Lol you're not banned though, I never said you were. I've got no problem with adding you to the midsession auction, much like gazelli was (both managers got a half credit sell back for him, too) 

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There are many things that went wrong beginning from gazelli, all the players that went inactive  (sweendog and many others) to schuchty..all those half refunds back so not any Manager can make serious plans.. 1 day you are the richest and next day you are not cause someone got refunded and noone got punished. If schuchty may sign up now again the richest Manager can just buy him and xploz is fucked up just saying 

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