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[PSL V] Salty Suite (Poll Added!!!)

Salty Suite  

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  1. 1. Which matchups would you like to see for this year's Salty Suite?

    • Raaidn v Firelion
    • DoubleJ v Forfiter
    • Overtoasted v Torinnnnnnn
    • Frags v Bowser
    • KaynineXL v Elcoolio
    • Raaidn v Zebra
    • DestructX v Gazelli
    • Xploz v Osuki
    • KaynineXL v Gazelli

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Alright fellas here's how Salty Suite is gonna work. We'll play these battles sometime during Week 5, but week 4 will be spent DECIDING which battles are worthy of such a distinguished public spectacle.


How do we determine if a matchup is worthy of Salty Suite? Easy - anyone can "nominate" a matchup they'd like to see in this thread.


Ex: Gunthug posts "I'd like to see Lion v. Raaidn battle it out"


When someone posts a nomination, that post must receive 10 or more likes for the nomination to make it into the voting stage. Please, don't abuse this method by using alts or telling people with no connection to PSL to like your post lel. I'll find out about it, and it won't fly


Voting stage: Once we get about 10 or so nominations, I'll post them in a poll and everyone will get a chance to vote on which matchups they'd like to see. Ofc, each battler in the matchup will have to agree to play before their matchup makes it to the voting stage.


After the voting stage, the top 3 highest vote getters will face off in a best of 3 - One tier each will be chosen by the competitors, and I as your fucking tyrannical overlord will choose the 3rd tier. Now, even though I say "tier," these battles are not limited to Pokemmo. You guys can play showdown tiers, you guys can play haxball, you guys can have a fucking whistle-off on teamspeak for all I care. To keep things semi-related to pokemon, at least 2 of the battles must be either on MMO or Showdown.


So maybe you're asking "so why would anyone want to do these stupid battles?" Easy - the winner of each salty suite matchup will recieve 500k right from that juicy prize money that's burning a hole in my character's pockets. I may throw in some extra goodies, too.


Now let's get to nominating VOTING!

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2 minutes ago, GeneralVenican said:

means its gonna be done, hue


1 minute ago, GeneralVenican said:

means i didnt bother readin all the other ones Lol


23 minutes ago, Gunthug said:



When someone posts a nomination, that post must receive 10 or more likes for the nomination to make it into the voting stage.

Means your reading capabilities aren't on the needed level.

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