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Team Tournament [Saturday 25th June]

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Team Name:godonlyknows
Team Tag:gok
Registered Players:plata,dalarcon,jackofdown,mexicanpoower,texalan,srfamily,nicolasmr,peterpoom,kanekiighoull
Team Captain:

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palta for plata
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Team Name: ViveLaVidaLoca

Team Tag: VØLT

Registered Players: Nuricoo,Punknerd,ZDFire,Orlandowin,XXNavii,Stairway,tetsumaru,Wiriketchup,Mexicanpower

Team Captain: XXNavii

Edited by DFire
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Team Name: TheBrothersClub
Team Tag: TBRO
Registered Players: JerichoGamer , AzulSick , LatinGhost , DanielBlack , KingCyrus ,Lampone,Cresckx , Paulaaaaaa , Depositario.

Team Captain:JerichoGamer.

Edited by AzulOscuro
Puse a Lampone 2 veces.
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