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Getting Kicked from Tournament Queue

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2 minutes ago, Desu said:

This is an unintended side effect of the hotfix for tier/ban restrictions on rounds 2+


Until next update I recommend you do not modify your team in such a way that will be considered invalid during queue.

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I just wanted to add the following information in case it has not been posted anywhere:

Clearing a spare slot in your party or adding something from a higher tier will make your team "invalid" whilst you are in the queue. So please ensure you make changes to your team by dragging the Pokemon you want from your box and replacing it with the Pokemon you wish to deposit.


I do realise that this is far from ideal and we hope to see this resolved soon. I apologise to any players inconvenienced by this in the tournament tonight, if anyone is still confused they are welcome to PM a member of staff for further explanation.

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