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[SÄSS] Secret Agents of Secret Stuff: Coolio is Boss, Toast is Bad

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The official unimportant update that Absultly isn't necessary and doesn't matter.


Wish I could join in all the ot shiny fun but I won't be playing for a few days


reason a. Pokemon go is awesome


reason b. I bought a 1969 corvette stingray that is probably the biggest fucking turd of a car I have ever seen in my life. It's a rusted peice of shit but it's my peice of shit and I now have a new project, everyone needs a project.


I'll post a picture if I ever finish it, doubt this forum will even be around when I do. idk what I'm gonna do for the paint on it, I'm thinking blue, even though My favorite color (colour?) is green, but most green corvettes suck.


also if anyone wants to hit me up on a pm talking about snowmobiles or cars, mainly snowmobiles, I just like talking about them


Also I bought a chainsaw for 1$ at a garage sale and it's being a little uguu and won't start up and I can't do anything because I don't have a "fly wheel puller" so hmu if you have one and I'll mail you half of a chainsaw 

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10 minutes ago, Gunthug said:

everytime i see that there's a new post in this thread i just assume someone else caught a fucking growlithe :(




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