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[SÄSS] Secret Agents of Secret Stuff: Coolio is Boss, Toast is Bad


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[SÄSS] Secret Agents of Secret Stuff We Put the Ass in Sass    


so i really dont know what happened tbh  

rip cix?


edit: i'd like to dedicate this pageking to Keiji Inafune, creator of megaman and its spiritual successor, Mighty No.9

since capcom wasn't letting him make good megaman games or something, he left the company and made his own so he could make his own megaman-style game: mighty no9./ It's basically megaman but different.

after 4million of funds raised and several delays, years later his game comes out and it's pretty trashy and scored a 5.6/10 on IGN


rest in piece Keiji Inafune's hard(?) work and efforts and rip megaman and rip CiX



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21 hours ago, DaftCoolio said:

When they continue to cast tom cruise as jack reacher

hey i liked cruise as reacher, sure he doesnt look like the book describes, but han solo was originally written in as a blue alien. most of the walking dead peeps only look vaguely like their comic book selves, if they look like them at all.


and dont get me started on 007.


point is, if you play the role and character well you dont have too look exactly like described/depicted. 

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