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[Story][Adventure] PokéAdventures: Beggining of DAWN [Season 1][Episodes 0-35]


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I swear I wrote this 2x because of CAPTCHA, It's driving me insane! Ehem! Anyways, I present you, PokéAdventures: Season 1 " DAWN". In this season, It's the story of Red and Yellow and the gang.


If you find wrong stuffs, Please mail or post below.


Announcement: Haha! Yes! We're getting this Series on Youtube in My channel and MawileChan's channel!

Release Date: Unknown!

Support this series by donating to IGN: LunarBank via Mail.









Ending 1 - By Yellow


Warning: For All Ages

Plot (All in Episode 0)


2 Years Ago... The OX Distinction Tragedy happened. Kinguy, The leader of OXR, Is a weak leader. He has strong members notably MawileChan, ALdrain, Minun. They went on a journey to find Number 150, or Mewtwo. They found and caught him. Then they went one step further and tried to capture Rayquaza. They searched and searched and finally found it. Along the way they found a trainer. His name is Zero. Zero has caught Rayquaza and battled the four of them. Zero beaten the four if them without using Rayquaza. Zero's main ace, Alakazam, was commanded to kill Red but MawileChan protected Red but both got annialated by a strong Shadow Ball attack. 2 years passed and there is a person named Red. He knows alot about Pokemon and Competitive but never made use of it. On the other hand Yellow made use of it in a young age and became strong. Yellow noticed nobody else can see Red and Red told Yellow to make a team named... And so the team was born, Expecting super, no, hypernatural things not knowing that alot of events are comming in its way. The team's name is... [DAWN]TwilightAwakening.




Red (Blaziken/Blaze) - ReddoKun

Yellow (Pikachu/Chuchu) - IeroChan

Minun (Sceptile/Yggdrasil) - MinunTrainerJhay

Aldrain (Arcanine) - ALdrain



Zero (Alakazam) - *


On ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 8:01 PM, ReddoKun said:

Prof Kazuto (Jolteon) - KST

Gym Leaders





* means that nobody is playing that role and you can play for that role and get payed for 10k per episode.

Bold means that that pokemon hasn't been 2x31 yet.


Table Of Contents

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Episode 0: Prologue


On 6/5/2016 at 8:01 PM, ReddoKun said:

Celadon - OXR Base

Ald: BORED!!

Minun, King, Mawile: Same.

King: Ket's go catch Mewtwo.

Minun: Do you even know where that is?

King: Well, We could look for it. I heared it's resting in a cave here in Kanto! Better catch it before it goes to other regions!

Mawile: But remember many people tried but they can't catch it.

King: That's probably why Silph Co. Created two master balls!

Ald: Shut up, you didn't get them. They gave it to us as thanks for beating Team Rocket and Team Aqua and Team Magma.

King: Yeah, Yeah.

Minun: And you didn't do anything! We did all the work!

King: (/T~T\)

Mawile: Ok, Let's go.

Ald: Wait, Really?

Mawile: Yes.

Cerulean Cave - Mewtwo Area

King: Go Ald, Minun, Mawile!

Ald: Aahhh! Shut up and hide properly, He might kill you!

King: A-aye. (And I taught I was master... TwT)

-mawile vs mewtwo-

Mawile: Got it!

Celadon - OXR Base

Ald: Aaaand bored again.

King: Hey, Why don't we catch-

Minun: NO!

King: Ok.

Minun: Let's find Rayquaza.

Ald: Ok.

Mawile: Ok.

King: Ok.-- Wait! I don't know why but I get a feeling that I'm being stupid here!

Ald: Lol! You were stupid from the start.

Mawile: Ye.

Minun: Right.

King: (@TwT)7

Sky Pillar 

Ald: I can't belive you actually found this...

Mawile: I train and find Mawile here. And I see Rayquaza sometimes up there.

???: Rayquaza? Are you talking about this pokemon?

King: He caught it!

Minun: What's scary is he caught it in a Pokéball only...

???: Are you kidding? Catching is only childsplay. I am Zero. State your name.

King: Kinguy. Leader of OXR.

Zero: OXR? What kind of tag is that?!

King: I'll warn you, We're very strong.

Ald, Mawile, Minun: (Lie.. °^°')

King: I suddenly feel strange...

Zero: Bring out your strongest member.

Mawile: Me.

Zero: A Mawile? No matter.

-Mawile VS Zero-

Mawile: ...

Ald: Impossible...

Minun: Mawile lost...

King: You gotta be kidding me...

Zero: Alakazam. Shadow Ball. Kill the leader.

Mawile: Nooo!!!

White Out...

Two Years Later...

Episode 1: Red and Yellow

On 6/5/2016 at 8:01 PM, ReddoKun said:

Pallet Town

Red: Hm.. I guess I'll visit Yellow.

Vermillion City

Red: Oi! Yellow! Umm.. Excuse me have seen-- Ack!

Yellow: Red!

Red: Yo!

Yellow: What are you doing?

Red: I was looking for you.

Yellow: Oooh.

Red: I think nobody can see me...

Yellow: I think so too.

Red: Let's make a Guild!

Yellow: Huh?

Red: Let's make a Guild!

Yellow: Why?

Red: I dunno why, But I think that we'll get alot of good stuffs that will happen!

Yellow: Ok. I'll go to the Guild Registrar... But it's in Pewter.

Red: Then let's go to Pewter!

Viridian Forest

Yellow: Don't get lost.

Red: Aye.

Yellow: Ooh! A Pikachu!

Red: Nice! Catch it!

-Yellow VS Pikachu-

Red: You're gonna name it?

Yellow: I'll name it Chuchu.

Red: Okai.

Yellow: We're almost there.

Pewter City

Red: Yay! Let's go make the guild!

Yellow: Ok, Stay here. What's the guild name?

Red: Oh... I never taught of that...

Yellow: (-‸ლ)

Red: Hmmm...

Yellow: Hmm...

2 Hours Later

Red: Ah! [VØID] or [RIØT]!

Yellow: Yeah!

Red: No wait... [LÚNÀ]?

Yellow: I think that's used...

Red: [DAWN]TwilightAwakening.

Yellow: Ohhh! That's better!

Red: Okay, Go now.

Yellow: Okai.

.  .  .

Red: ... Silent...

???: Hey, You.

Red: Yeah? Wait, You can see me?!

???: Yeah. Why?

Red: Why?! That's what i'm wondering!

Kaito: You're wierd. My name is Kaito.

Red: My name is Red.

Kaito: Let's battle!

Red: Denied.

Kaito: Haaa? Why?

Red: I'm weak.

Kaito: Hey, I'm weak too!

Red: Oh really?

Kaito: Yeah, Yeah, Let's battle!

Red: Go Charmander!

Kaito: Go Absol!

-Red VS Kaito-

Red: I told you, I'm weak.

Kaito: It's because you didn't attack!

Red: Aye.

Yellow: I'm back!

Red: Yo.

Kaito: Yo, My name is Kaito.

Yellow: I am Yellow.

Red: I'm--

Kaito: I already know!

Yellow: I already made the Guild!

Kaito: Count me in!

Red: No.

Kaito: Stare...

Red: Ok.

Yellow: Yay! 2 Members!

Kaito: What about Red?

Yellow: He's in the Guild, He's even the Guild Master but...

Red: Nobody else can see me.

Kaito: Ohh.

Yellow: I heared there's a Gym here.

Red: Let's go!

Post Your Theory on how only certain people can only see Red!


NOTE: There are 2 team tags in ep. 1 that hasn't been used yet. You can use them if you want, just think of the name. And I don't think [DAWN] Is used yet but go ahead and use it if you want.


Episode 2: The First Gym!

On 6/5/2016 at 8:01 PM, ReddoKun said:

Released Tomorrow! Vote now for gym leader Now!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!


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Reserved ep31-35 and specials (OSRP Original Series Roleplay something like OVA Original Video Animation maybe?)

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18 hours ago, ReddoKun said:

Episode 1: Red and Yellow

Post Your Theory on how only certain people can only see Red!

Episode 1 Released!!! Vote for 1st gym now! Vote Vote Vote! Also, Post your theory on how only certain people can see Red down below!

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