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[GUI] UnknownRabbit's 1st theme :D

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A while ago i made a theme, there's not really an actual "theme" in this one tho, i just made somethings look cool

Trainer Card -screenshot_1465184532.png?dl=0

PC Box -screenshot_1465184658.png?dl=0

Poke Summaries -screenshot_1465190274.png?dl=0

Bag - screenshot_1465190310.png?dl=0

Battle 1 - screenshot_1465191885.png?dl=0

Battle 2 - screenshot_1465191906.png?dl=0

Battle 3 - screenshot_1465191926.png?dl=0

Battle 4 - screenshot_1465191980.png?dl=0

PokeSummary 2 - screenshot_1465192211.png?dl=0

Breeding Page - screenshot_1465193158.png?dl=0

GTL - screenshot_1465193196.png?dl=0

Pokedex - screenshot_1465194650.png?dl=0

(  i don't know if these screenshots will show :/  )

click this link to download it from Dropbox o.o

https://www.dropbox.com/s/222xob15pjksdke/PokeMMO Theme by UnknownRabbit.zip?dl=0


How to install it?

1. download the zip file

2. get the folder out from the zip file by extracting it using WinRAR or 7zip

3. put the folder in Data > Theme

4. open the PokeMMO login page

5. go to settings and change the theme to "An Unknown Theme", and save

6. close PokeMMO, then open it again.

7. ENJOY :3

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