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[Story] The French Civil Wars

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Night was falling on PokeMMO, when a mysterious Prophet, animated by an overflowing inspiration, decided to tell the community the ins and outs of the French Civil Wars.

For some reason, this coward Prophet decided to stop the story. That being said, the Word must be poured out, this is why I created a new thread.

Grab' some other popcorns, it's far from over.



Here is the beginning of the story, written by the coward Prophet : (this is a fiction based on true facts)


The 1st French Civil War :



The Babylon Princess, the Butcher, the Fat Drama Queen and the Light had recently made an Alliance that would shake the very foundations of the french community.  The Wooden Staff was going to rule them all and bring them together. Everyone was happy. The Loyal One, the Forsaken One, the Shadow, the Bunny and even the Bunny Hunter were getting along just fine. 


However, far away, a sacred pvp faction was in disarray. The Gardener, the French Hater, the Foot Fetish, the Salty Knight, Danton and the Mysterious One were all following the lead of the Drunk. Despite the Drunk efforts, there was just no way for the Salty Knight and the Mysterious One to get along. There was no trust between these two pillars of the faction. Eventually, the Mysterious One had enough and exiled himself. Before leaving he decided to give away everything he had to the Shadow, an outsider that was not even a member of the sacred pvp faction. Outrage. Sadness. Drama. Nothing would be the same.


Whispers of these events reached the Alliance fast. People were starting to question how come the Shadow got so fortunate. The Butcher and the Fat Drama Queen decided to investigate. By stalking the Shadow, they quickly realised the rumors were true: the Shadow and the Mysterious One were the same person. Considering that the Shadow was a woman and that the Mysterious One was a man, the revelation about the Shadow's identity was devastating. The Babylon Princess felt betrayed that her confident was actually a man and before she could unleashed her wrath on the Shadow went back to the sacred pvp faction to find refuge.


The Salty Knight wanted nothing to do with the Shadow, the Myterious One or whoever the fuck that person was. There was no way a traitor would smear the sacred pvp faction on his watch. The majority of the faction did not agree with him, so the Salty Knight left to explore the world in search of better friends.



The 2nd French Civil War



After months of exploration and soul searching, the Salty Knight realised he could not live apart from the french community and decided to create his own clan of elites. The creme de la creme of the french community – like he usually says. Inspired by his charisma, the Gardener and Danton chose to leave the sacred pvp faction to join him.


After losing these two important elements, the sacred pvp faction was seeking new recruits and the Alliance became their target. These happy folks that were minding their own business started to see their number in quality warriors  shrink as those were leaving for the sacred pvp faction. The Butcher, the fat drama queen, the light, the bunny, pretty much everyone in the alliance understood that these warriors were simply following their dreams and it would have been wrong to hold them back. However, when the Butcher, the Fat drama queen and the bunny learned that the Foot fetish was leading a secret campaign anti-alliance in order to get new recruits, all hell broke lose.


As the French Hater and the Bunny were going at it, the Light and the Drunk were trying to calm everyone down. Futile efforts. The Alliance was not going to let it go. They were not a bunch of low life scrubs like the sacred pvp faction claimed. Inevitably, there was a bloodbath that ended with the epic confrontation of the Drunk versus the Butcher & the Fat Drama Queen.



The 3rd French Civil War (1st part) : 


Following the Second French Civil War, there was a lot of tensions and a lot of love. In the Alliance, the Babylon Princess was getting dangerously close to the Butcher which made the Fat Drama Queen jealy af. Feeling abandonned, the Fat Drama Queen started a correspondance with the Salty Knight which led to him learning of the beauty of the Babylon Princess. The Salty Knight went on a quest to conquer the heart of his muse princess and with help of the Fat Drama Queen - that resented the Butcher for abandonning her - he was successful. Despite the terrible tragedy of the First Civil War, the Babylon Princess and the Shadow had managed to rekindle their friendship. Fearing that the Shadow would disaprove of her partner, the Babylon Princess asked the Salty Knight to keep their love a secret.  


Back in the sacred pvp faction, there was some new developments and some new faces. The Mighty Dictator, an old member of the sacred pvp faction, was becoming a centralising actor. He had a short temper and one day, a bad day I suppose, he decided to poison all the carrier pigeons that the sacred pvp faction were using for their internal communication. The French Hater, the Foot Fetish, the Shadow and many of members of the faction -  like the Loyal One that had left the Alliance for some time already - were mad af.  


The Mighty Dictator found refuge among the Clan of Elites. This is where the Mighty Dictator had the brilliant idea to create an open carrier pigeon system that all the frenchies were allowed to use. The sacred pvp faction understandibly saw this new system as insult and chose not to use it.



All the characters and factions got falsified names. You can try to find them on this thread. I will edit it each time that a name was found.

Edited by Abraham

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The Chamber of Secrets :


This is the place where the names that are found will be put, with the people who find them.


Shadow = Osuki (Axoa) : found by Kamimiii

Mysterious One = Goldblazed : found by Leviticus

Salty Knight = XPLOZ : found by Leviticus

Drunk = lilyek : found by 001

Wooden Staff = Zehkar : found by xSparkie

Danton = Guerinf : found by Leviticus

Gardener = Schuchty : found by Kaynine



Edited by Abraham

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