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[Tutorial] How to make Signature like a Pro

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[Guide] How to make Signature like a Pro



Hey guys call me N and in this tutorial I’ll teach you how to git gud in signatures.



  • Adobe photoshop CS6
  • Internet
  • Knows the Basic of photoshop


1st Step : Finding your render and Background


Find your Render and background, Just google any character you want and put render on it.  (Goku Render, Naruto render etc) 



In this tutorial I'll use this guy.


After finding your render/main character you want to find a background that fits with it.

(A guy with a hoodie makes me think of snow so probably I should search background with snow.)

Make sure to put anime on it (Anime forest background, Anime Sky background etc).



2nd Step : Adding  the render and the background


Open photoshop and click File > New > in this tutorial I’ll use 350px x 150px . You can try other size too then add your render.

Sharpen your render by Clicking  Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen.


Now add your background on a layer behind your render.

Rotate the background a couple of times until it fits on it.


As you can see I blurred some parts of the background, Try doing that.


3rd Step : Adding color highlights to the background


Create a new layer between the background and your render. Then brush in certain area's to create highlights.

Try experimenting with other blending option


Keep adding more colors .Try various brush sizes and layer blending modes and take your time.

My result after this step:



4th Step : Adding Text


For the text always try to keep it simple and never use bevel and emboss. Go with easy to read fonts.

This site has cool fonts I usually download my fonts here --> http://www.dafont.com/


I added some little text, it looks pretty nice. (btw it doesn't mean anything)

Try putting the text near the character as possible.


5th Step : Adding Adjustment layer




In this tutorial I'll just use Gradient Map, Gradient, Brightness/Contrast and Vibrance, Try experimenting on others too!



Lately I'm using gradient with radial style, Try experimenting on scale, gradient and Angle.





After putting the gradient try using Brightness/Contrast, Gradient + Brightness/Contrast = OP Sig

Try clicking auto, it automatically picks the best setting for it.




As I said try experimenting until it looks better,  I came up with this.



5th Step : Gradient Map


Now I added Gradient Maps using  Layer > New adjustment layer > Gradient Map. You can create your own gradient maps, or pick some of the default maps. Pick gradient maps that match the colors in your sig and play around with the blending modes and opacity!



Final step : Adding border


For the border try creating new layer > Use paint bucket tool (Make sure its white) > Edit > Stroke > width 1px color black > then

try using magic wand tool and click the white parts > Delete.



As you can see theres some black lines in the border

Then try putting line arrows (5px)  at top and bottom...




And yeah that's all about it, Experimenting until it looks good.

If you see some errors like wrong grammar/Spelling please correct me as I’m not good at English .

Thanks for reading hope you guys learn something.


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Git gud

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