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[Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

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I found it! The ball that can catch NPCs! Did you think to yourself, "man that NPC's team is well structured, if only I can catch him and take him around as your own slave." If you asked this question, then I have an answer. According to the scientists over at Bestfriends Technologies, we put together a ball that can catch Swimmers because we modified how the mechanics of a Master Ball works. I only have one though, but I used it on Swimmer Chad in Hoenn on a secret alt.



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Apparently I have a Squirtle that's walking beside me and a Wartortle in my party.

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This isn't really a graphical bug, I guess, but I think it's one with the GUI and I have a graphical account of it, so hey.

EDIT: This is what I originally meant to post. 

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wrong link o well

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That random time my face turned into a brown reaper hood for like 4 days. Everyone else saw it the way I did for the first couple days, but then they apparently started seeing it rapidly change between my real face and this.

And no, my alt did not own nor wear a black or red reaper hood. 




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Well, looks like Luxray may dodge my Earthquake this time without the need of an Air Balloon. Gym Runs just got harder! Good luck...





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