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Anime Opening/Ending Thread

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Its kinda hard to pick just 1 Op/End so i will post all the best ones i like




Not one of my fav but i like it and i want to post just bcuz i simply can....HEUEHUEHEUEHUEHUE


One of my fav indeed and i also liked the series pretty romantic too


Ecchi and be cautious about nosebleed bcuz too many bounchy things goin on around ( . ) ( . ) but that's what makes it fun xD anyway the op is also one of those that i hear in daily basis in my playlist 


Memories-Maybe my top fav since i was waking up at 5am at morning when i was 8 years old just to watch it, pretty bad ass and awesome anime, u'll cry atleast once for sure if u reach the end, if not i congratulate you. As for me...i cried like a baby.



Just awesome idk, romantic like anime too, dunno about'u might find it boring but i liked this guy he stood at his height.


I think this anime is equal in colours n style like the above









Ok time for some adrenaline cus with all dis romance i can feel u wanna puke. The lyrics just DE BEST!! making ur heart pumping more blood to ur veinds just by sitting and hearing this. -Hazel Fernandes "respect" ^^^



So kewl anime....why the F*ck didn't make more outta of it????!!!!... :<   adrenaline type anime as well.




OP just op


I just cannot decide which 1 can u understand me?






Great anime i like those evil like that turns out to be the opposite























A little ost for bonus, its pretty good, why not like it





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Found this really cool youtube channel with the fan made english versions of some anime op/en...The artist imo is really good, here is an example



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This is the spanish version of the theme song of Digimon Adventure. I really like it so Ill share it with you : 


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