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idk how to name shit, why haven't yall made one yet


what yall listening to, I need something fresh


"Ps And Qs" by Lil Uzi Vert is my shit rn, one of the only songs I liked off his recent mixtape Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World. Interesting irish (?) sounding beat



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drop a banger @DaftCoolio

Metalheads the kind of people to complain about shallow commercial music and then proceed to share babymetal on facebook

49 minutes ago, ravenlocked said:

Neutral Milk Hotel memes

I said fresh not trash


39 minutes ago, bl0nde said:
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i always liked stuff like that







but like actual songs would be lit yall

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20 minutes ago, Champlooo said:

I said fresh not trash


but srsly. im listening to 60s psychedelic bands and some neo psychedelics like tame impala...

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1 hour ago, SirYurop said:

Lmao samplin Miles Davis...dat Tame Impala shit is tight too



Iirc it's a Jdilla beat, so the sample makes more sense.


Southern girl by Tim McGraw is a fucking C L A S S I C

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