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Town of Salem Thread

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2 minutes ago, DaftCoolio said:

maybe if u didnt leave us again we could of 

thats not important rn, im missing out on all the fun

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playing classic cause i hate myself



lmao fun story

There is 4 people left, i was exec and had already lynched my target, a confirmed jester, and 2 randoms, one claimed sheriff and one claimed mayor. ask the mayor to reveal but they say "they dont know how" and im like classic evil play. we dont end up lynching anyone. next day mfw the mayor died, mfw he was actually mayor mfw he actually didnt know how to reveal.


very lol

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There is a new update guys. 


- Elo bug fixed (this is huge, there will now be some challenge and the game will become really interesting at high elo)

- Game available in Spanish

- New skins


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