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Manga General Thread

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General thread for manga discussions


Manga are not always the same as the anime going alongside it, to discuss anime please use one of the Anime threads.


To start of tell us some of your favorite manga!


Spoilers must be shown as such.







Harry is a wizard.



My favorite manga are:

Tokyo Ghoul /Tokyo Ghoul re:

Shokugeki no Souma

Tate yuusha no nariagari

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3 minutes ago, Kyokatsu said:

Haven't read many, can I get some recommendations? heres my mangalist http://myanimelist.net/mangalist/_Rhapsody_ (ignore atlantis, it was a test and now cant figure how to remove it)


Domestic no Kanojo has some similar traits with some manga on your list, is overall really nice, and has its ecchi moments...by the same author there is also Good Ending which is good as well


Another really good manga is Half&Half (serie, no the oneshot), it's pretty short, but it will leave you pretty sad at the end

20th Century Boys is just a masterpiece, and should be read at least once

Hareluya II Boy, Slam Dunk and GTO (Shonan Junai Gumi included) are some of the most funniest manga i got across

Full Metal Panic was also really nice, a good mixture of action, commedy and romance


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Just now, Kurodashi said:

Most of the manga I read are getting a release once a month. :/


Or like hunterxhunter go in hiatus every 5 chapters

Yeah, try Berserk, took years to get out of that fucking ship

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5 hours ago, epicdavenport said:

Yeah but the next chapter is beyond hype, we're finally getting Casca back!

Ehhh.... Probably. But when they inserted the heart back in the doll it was still covered with black thorns....so she will probably be a uguu to guts 

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1 hour ago, epicdavenport said:


everytime a chapter ended with to be continued serialization was interrupted. everytime.
nothing confirmed, could release a surprise chapter by the end of the month.
at least it doesn't say anything about this winter :)

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