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General Visual Novel Thread

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Hello guys, this is a thread to discuss about Visual Novels such as Fate Stay/Night, Muv Luv,  Grisaia no Kajitsu,  Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru,  Imouto Paradise!, just to name a few...


Right now i'm playing Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol 2, more specificatly, The After Days 01....It's pretty cool till now




What about you guys?



Londar comfy thread 


Just a few lineguides, pls don't spoiler, and Ayamine Kei is best girl anyway






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1 minute ago, londark said:

This one?




If it's good i could play it after Chronicles II, altho i wanted to play first Sakura Swimm Club

Yeah, its good so far but I haven't even got to the ending of a route yet.

Common route is a pretty funny but normal school club thing but the route I have tried (Lucia, purple hair at the back) has been great.

the characters are good and I'd recommend it. 



why would you even want to read Sakura swim club when you can just watch porn.

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9 hours ago, Anjovies said:

is this a nsfw thread?

No it is not, please make sure you dont post anything sexually explicit or graphic. You are more than welcome to PM me with the content you wish to post beforehand if you are unsure if it is okay or not.

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2 minutes ago, Anjovies said:

done with yuela and serawi route. havent done the high level dungeons since im just at 50ish but i already got the eushully mascots. too much work to get all the ng+ stuff so i stopped. 

Honestly isn't really worth it, though Anastasia is the best character.  I mean, its not awful, but there isn't enough reason to do it.

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VA-11 Hall-A is also on sale, its a pretty short and slightly linear, other endings are super easy to miss but its really interesting and the music is cool.


I would have had a spare copy from a humblebundle but i forgot about this thread and gave it away at random.

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Never posted it but Harmonia was a nice, quick read.

Haven't reach chapter 2 or any future chapter that gets released yet but Supipara was pretty good too.

Currently reading World End Economica, in episode 2, and its a okay read as well.

Eden* is okay


Narcissu was a good read mainly if you follow it up by reading the Himeko Epilogue, absolutely fantastic.


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Finally tackling the clannad VN's and then Little Busters after.

Nagisa is secretly the best girl in the series.  From what little I've read so far the anime just as usual does not hold a candle to the source material.



I wish I could stay here like this forever too.


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