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Recently scientists have discovered a new species that was not known before. It's a special type of creature only to be found in the depths of Bronze 5. They are usually a peaceful species but they ca


so ive been playing Stardew Valley for the past few days. Named my farm 'Vale'. Then named my cat 'Kay'. Turns out, you have to name all your animals. So my chickens are Gary, Geni

Holy fuck tsm with the overhaul.

I get replacing the botlane kinda. I mean, vincent was better than dlift for the split I think, but even if it was just doublelift gone, bio wouldn't be able to adjust aswell as before, so zven+mithy still a better lane. I do find mike over sven a kind of an ironic buy though. I always saw sven as that one guy who just plays what he is told and never what he wants. Gonna enjoy seeing Mike being forced to play a bunch of off role shit he's never played and probably doing the same chokes sven did. Yeah, he was rookie of the split, but he was still a rookie.

Either way, still like him, will be fun to see if they go further to worlds, even though it wouldn't be with the roster I'd prefer.

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17 minutes ago, Tranzmaster said:

New patch.


Kassadin and Cassio will be super good with the presence of mind buff.


Also Morgana Jungle hype? Permanently no cooldown W on jungle camps seems pretty good. Devastating ganks and anti-cc shield

Yeah, first we get zoe's bullshit sleep, now, 6 hours of stun from morgana junglers jaja

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13 hours ago, SirAlbert said:

I didn't think LoL could get more toxic until I played during preseason. Fun game this time of year eh

Feel like getting banned twice and muted a whole lotta times reformed me. Way less of a need to tell people they're braindead poops now.

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