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Recently scientists have discovered a new species that was not known before. It's a special type of creature only to be found in the depths of Bronze 5. They are usually a peaceful species but they ca


so ive been playing Stardew Valley for the past few days. Named my farm 'Vale'. Then named my cat 'Kay'. Turns out, you have to name all your animals. So my chickens are Gary, Geni

9 hours ago, Spaintakula said:

Oh, and yeah, stop putting bio on fucking non-playmaking supports. Half the reason dlift is still relevant is because bio legit went from 0 to 100 since he joined tsm.




I agree. Bio needs to be put on this imo

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Best performance of NA this worlds: SKT winning vs EDG last game so C9 goes through






LZ vs SSG: epic Korean clash, still think LZ will win, godly botlane and 6-0 in groups.


SKT vs MSF: Misfits have no chance. POE will get clapped cos he sucks diq. SKT wins ez


RNG vs FNC: RNG wins, Uzi God


WE vs C9: I feel like on a good day C9 can win. probably still 60-40 in favor of WE though.

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On 16-10-2017 at 6:35 AM, Spaintakula said:


I like it how the only group I was biased about, cause I wanted tsm to go on, I got wrong.

Those are some great predictions though, probably top 1%

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