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[MOD] HD Maps

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Hi, people! This mod uses the original maps for Kanto and Hoenn but they are applied a magnification filter which scales them to x4 (in terms of graphic detail).


It's not 100% accurate and some tiles are still buggy, plus border tiles don't work properly, probably because this is the first time I work with maps.

Animated tiles aren't working, but it's probably due to the Map Mod Implementation being a prototype.


You can see the difference here:


WITHOUT the filter:


WITH the filter:



As you can see, the latter image is more polished and smooth, but in the first one, the tiles are animated and there's night tiles too, though it looks pixelated.


So yeah, that's basically it. I don't know if I'll be able to fix the bugs in this Mod, because I only applied the filter to the images and nothing else (I know nothing of editing maps :P) but anyone is welcome to do it and publish it's own Mod.


NOTE: If someone has memory problems with this Mod, please take a look at this thread: 



Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mc41abrvzwc16fl/HD+Maps.zip


This was a suggestion of 1988fido, so if you like this MOD, thank him ;)

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O.o ... !!!
wow man . I am surprised , that was quick.
umm anyway XD I didn't do anything I was just trying to think of how they might improve the graphics in future.

its thanks to u , u did all the work

[MOD] HD Maps Vs normal pokemmo
:D example:

Download full Quality   [ screen shot showing the difference]

:) it does look better, so with few more other mods I get the game look better

Edited by 1988fido

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What did you use for to apply the shader to the images? I am trying to do the same thing with the trainer sprites because they look soooooo pixelated but no tool seems to offer this shader. So far i only have found emulators which have this shader but no image editing software. I have gimp and ps cs2 so maybe theres a setting in those programs to enlarge images in this way. 

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On 8/21/2017 at 12:03 PM, Kaizoku said:

So, it was discountinued?

It seems like it :) 
but I noticed the game itself god visual improvements and it have good anti aliasing so I don't think we need the mod anymore

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Buenos Días , Tardes , Noches No noto absolutamente  ningún cambio en el juego , ¿ me podría mostrar 2 imágenes para comparar ? , 

ya que el Link de las imágenes que usted tiene no funciona. Por Favor Responder!! :D

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12 hours ago, agentxero06 said:

how to install this map?


This is out of date and no longer works with the current version of PokeMMO.

For updated mods and client extras, check here:


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