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Hello there my name is KingNN you can call me N I do signatures for free because wynaut? nah just want to sharpen my skills     Template Character:Name: Team or any

character: trashcan with shiny zam going into it ign: monyz team: trsh background: junk yard

1 hour ago, systematic said:

Can i've a screen of the psd of my signature :)

lemme check if I have a psd of your sig.


24 minutes ago, bearminator said:

Do you do with pkmns too? 


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12 hours ago, Instagramlol said:


Character: chiri kitsu
Name: instagramlol

Team: PoAu



A simple sig made by me.



12 hours ago, SneaKyKhaLidA said:

Character: Kerrigan from starcraft
Name: Khalida

Team: Wolf

Enjoy it bro.


8 hours ago, Quave said:

Character: Shiny Cloyster
Name: Quave

Team: Kult

Here you go bro.



4 hours ago, Otoya said:

Hello, N. I would like a signature, if possible, please. 

Character: Reshiram
Name: Otoya. 

A simple sig made by me.



3 hours ago, RedSoulz said:

Character: Red from Pokemon anime

Name: RedSoulz

Team: VCO

A simple sig made with the power of notepad. btw I like the font style of ur sig.





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9 hours ago, LegendP said:

Character: Gaara
Name: Legend

Team: Aw Asgard Warriors




3 hours ago, bearminator said:

Character: Shiny Ursaring
Name: Bearminator

Team: Kult


Ty :3


3 hours ago, TheArchon said:

Character: Shiny Medicham
Name: Archon

Don't put a team name


Edited by NNharmonia
Too lazy to say anything lol
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3 hours ago, MysteriousLegend said:

Character:Mewtwo with an animation in the background of mewtwo attacking or roaring (either one) from "Pokemon Origions"
Name:Mysterious Legend

Team:No team please


I'll donate 200k for your best work, so give it all you've got.




3 hours ago, hannahtaylor said:

... -.- no thanks 


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Character: Yoshino from Date a Live
Name: OPlateu

Text: EV Trainer



Render: this and add more details and renders make it look fun and stuff

Text: OPlateu's EV/Level Center & Breeding Service


About the gibs: I'm hawt AF

Edited by EeveeMarkable
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50 minutes ago, EeveeMarkable said:

Character: Yoshino from Date a Live
Name: OPlateu

Text: EV Trainer


About the gibs: You wont need to pay the remaining balance off your Mudkips EVs C;

ev train my other pokes? c:

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