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how did u find/meet pokemmo

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My irl homie introduced me to mmo back in 2012.  He quit into after the story and i played into 2013.  Then after hating what the current meta had become in gen 6 i came here.  To the land where shinies matter.

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I was scrolling through the real Misc one day when I stumbled upon this thread:




Loved the game as a kid and thought for nostalgia sake y da fawk nawt. Joined a team with my fellow MISC brahs and the rest is history. 


All those uguus are RIP and I'm left here all alone (touches abs to feel better) 






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4 hours ago, YIBU said:

An IRL friend who registered an account in Sep. 2012 took me to this game world despite that he quit right after I came.

Pretty much the same story that happened to me. My friend stopped playing in 2013. He was PHfat. Here I am still screwing around x'DD

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Was also introduced by an IRL friend. He played with some friends before, didn't get them hooked, heard that I loved the Pokemon games as a kid and pushed me to playing it (the release of the android build helped a lot).

Since then I helped him with the basic structure of the game and (j)rpgs in general and we both helped each other to get into the competitive part of the game. He loves the market and breeding, I love theory crafting, we both like different archetypes, etc. It's cool to exchange those things.

We try to hold a bo3 between each other every few months, with friends visiting and betting on the winner. It's good fun.

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Ended up watching french LoL streamers from Solary playing through MMO and it seemed fun.

At the time I was super bored with no game to play during summer holiday so I gave it a shot 

Linfanz and my team made me stick to the game since then and now I've wasted more time in here than any other game I've played ... x) 

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