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I think the forums are broken



Yea so I know this is supposed to be an update but TO ME the forums look broken at 100%, I have to zoom out to 75% for it to display properly.


At 100% words are broken and going to the next line down and part of "Topics" is going off the page into the background layer. 







Everything looks perfect at 75% though






Also my forum signiture is going off page.... and zooming out doesnt fix it. 


The quote underneath has been cut off







EDIT: Going into the edit signiture section I see that there are a lot more restrictions now. RIP 

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I merged your posts, please avoid double posting in the future.
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5 minutes ago, Kurodashi said:

Everything you mentioned is working fine for me, without zooming, might be your browser.


Edit: You need to post an actual sugestion.

 Im using Google Chrome. 


And I realized after I posted this that it may be better for the Bugs sections. Feel free to move me o-o

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for sigs, you just have to have a smaller sig


for needing to zoom out, its because you have a smaller resolution. I'm zoomed in to 150% and everything is fine for me.

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turns out I was on 150, not 125
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