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Aipom's Safari Shakedown (Sunday 1st May)

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Poor Aipom is lonely and looking for a friend from his old home; the Hoenn Safari Zone. However, he is a very shallow monkey and will only accept the rarest and highest quality of friend.


Date & Time:

Date: Sunday, May 1st

Time: 4PM - 5PM EDT | 9PM - 10PM BST



Hoenn Safari Zone. Staff will be located in the entrance building on Channel 7.



- The Pokemon you enter must be caught in the allocated hour of catch time, any Pokemon caught before or after will be disqualified.

- All entries must be caught in Hoenn Safari Zone
- Only listed Pokemon will count as valid entries.

- Pokemon must not be leveled up/evolved.

- You can only submit one Pokemon per whisper.
- You should whisper a participating staff member with your entry.
- The Pokemon must be your OT.

- The player with the highest entry score wins.


Scoring System:

Your entry score will be calculated as follows: Species Bonus + Nature Bonus + Total IVs


Species Bonus

5 points: Gloom  Wooper  Marill  Remoraid – Goldeen

10 points: Mareep – Aipom – Teddiursa – Girafarig – Wobbuffet – Donphan – Xatu – Rhyhorn – Doduo - Sunkern

15 points: Hoothoot – Spinarak – Snubbull – Ledyba

20 points: Pineco – Pikachu

25 points: Houndour

30 points: Gligar – Quagsire – Octillery

35 points: Stantler – Miltank – Heracross – Pinsir 


Nature Bonus - 20 Points

Gloom - Calm

Wooper - Impish

Marill - Adamant

Remoraid - Naughty

Goldeen - Lonely

Mareep - Quiet

Aipom - Jolly

Teddiursa - Adamant

Girafarig - Hasty

Wobbuffet - Bold

Donphan - Adamant

Xatu - Timid

Rhyhorn - Impish

Doduo - Jolly

Sunkern - Modest

Hoothoot - Calm

Spinarak - Jolly

Snubbull - Adamant

Ledyba - Calm

Pineco - Careful

Pikachu - Naive

Houndour - Hasty

Gligar - Impish

Quagsire - Careful

Octillery - Modest

Stantler - Naughty

Miltank - Careful

Heracross - Jolly

Pinsir - Adamant



1st Place Prize:



Shiny Gift Aipom

Winner's Choice of Nature

2x31, 4x25 IVs

Winner's Choice of 2 Moves




$1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points


2nd Place Prize:

$500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points


3rd Place Prize:

$300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points


4th Place Prize:

$200,000 Pokeyen OR 200 Reward Points



Host: Toshley

GM: Noad

Participating Staff: MiichiiPereiraa, Darkshade

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New event but im waiting my reward for team rocket event

just spam message squirtle when you see that he is on.

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