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New Secret Base Items! (UPDATED)


I would very much like to see some new secret base items ^-^


For example, Mats.

If there was a Pokeball mat, it would look just like a battle stadium in your base if you put it in the middle of the floor!


Anyone els have some ideas?



I know i know, i would like to see that too but the devs have their reasons and trust me, they wont budge on that subject so lets leave those 2 items out of it please ^-^


My little list below


1.)Pokeball Shaped Mat

2.)New dolls

3.)Stand up dresser

4.)New tables

5.)New chairs

6.)A computer and desk with chair just like the one in your house that you start the game in

7.)A bed that does not heal, just like the one you start the game with in your room (one you can walk into as if to be sleeping in it preferably)

8.)Tiny models of things like buildings in game or ships or a mini pokemart model, etc

9.) (and this is a big one for me personally) A counter like the ones you see in the pokemart! but one i can actually walk behind as if i were one of the sales people! i want to run a shop from my base for my team and friends ^-^

10.)A stand up Glass Case that has little models of evolution stones inside!

11.)A treasure chest!

12.) Trash cans!

13.)Different kinds of desks!

14.)New posters! (I want one that says "PokeMMO")

15.)A gachapon machine ^^

16.) Gumball machine!

17.)New TV's!

18.)Enlarged variations of balls! (Like pokeball, Great ball, Ultraball, etc.)


Give this a like if you appreciate my thoughts ^-^ Thank you!


Bring forth your ideas ^^

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And maybe some other items that would make your secret base "different" like trees to make it look like a forest.Torch things to make it look like a fire arena.

Eletric Lamps and other things to give a "different look" to your base

Also i wanna see the "green" part of the secret base where we can not put our items(posters we can but the others we can't) in the wall so maybe customizing colors of the wall would be cool.

Also i wanted to see it like this at least


If you could pay to have a double secret base would be nice.Would look like a real house of yours.

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Those are some really great ideas Kouteshi!



Yeah i  posted in another thread because i can't suggest here ^^

Also maybe you could pay a fee (50-100k) to be have the services of the Poke Mart(seems fair).

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These would all be great BP or RP sold items ^-^ but please don't do BP lol


Dreams to have them bought with pokedollars<3


Players who have been playing for years MUST be bored sick with the same old Base items.

It's really time to spice it up with something new!


I want people to be excited about decorating their own secret bases again ^-^

We need more items to better customize them in a way that expresses one's self, instead of these terribly limited options.

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If you do some sprite work for some of your suggestions then it might have a better chance of being implemented. If it fits the quality the devs want they could possibly import it.

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