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Implement a way to use matchmaking with 6 pokemon from your PC



Currently you must have the 6 pokemon you wish to use in your party for in game matchmaking.

This means you cannot train another pokemon, have your HM slave with you, or grind trainers for cash etc as that would require having them in the party.


A low level pokemon is simply banned, Payday is not a competitive move, and neither is fly or false swipe (my smeargle)


So, my suggestion would be:


Upon hitting the match making button, you are able to select 6 pokemon from your /PC/ and save them as your "Over Used" "Under Used" or "Never Used" teams respectively. You could always change them later.

Moving those pokemon to your party, changing their moves, items, etc would deselect them from your 6 pokemon and would require re selecting.


This allows people to play the game in between matches without essentially having to AFK between fights.

I can see this being... fairly difficult to code? however, it would be an immense quality of life change I feel. and the implementation of it would make PVP matchmaking in the future so much nicer of a feature to use.

It is by no means necessary, however if it is possible, I would love to see it added to the game.


Pros: Huge quality of life change for using matchmaking PVP over and over for battle points


Cons: Difficult to code?

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Can we please have this. It should definitely help some lower tiers get more battles going.

Let us pre-set our team before entering a queue and do some other things with different party while waiting for the match up.

I'd really like to play some more UU, but waiting half an hour (keep getting no suitable match) doing nothing at all because I cant move anywhere with my current party is pretty discouraging and makes me leave the queue.

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