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"Pixel Format Not Accelerated" on Intel HD Graphics (1st-gen) / 2000 / 3000 GPUs on Windows 10 with Java 8u60+

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On Windows 10, if an Intel HD Graphics 1st-Gen/2000/3000 chipset is in use, PokeMMO may crash on startup with the error 'Pixel Format not Accelerated' even though the operating system has 3D capabilities.
Due to a bug in the Intel driver for these chipsets, certain libraries that PokeMMO uses fail to load properly on the latest versions of Java 8. Affected users have reported that downgrading to Java Runtime Environment 8 Update 51 restores compatibility with LWJGL-based games. 
Please be aware that downgrading Java may result in other software incompatibilities and potential security vulnerabilities if the Java Web Plugin is used.
Because the Intel HD Graphics 1st-Gen/2000/3000 chipsets are End Of Life and not officially supported under Windows 10, this bug is unlikely to be fixed.

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