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Only show water level while watering.


It's not a huge deal but bit of an eye sore to myself.  I feel like it simplifies it maybe too much.  I understand it's easier to fast-travel and just take a quick look at not waste as much time.  But I've never seen or played a farming game that shows watering levels constantly.

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id like to have it as a "hover over to show" thing

and would be amazing if you can throw in a timer progress indicator too

and something to show how much have we screwed up, like happiness (directly related to the final yield, affected by dryness and floodness)


a small text like:


xxx berry tree

[water indicator] (water drops works fine)

[timer] (berry icons maybe?)

[happiness] (happy face or sun or idk icon)

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I really like that when I came back after many hours of not watering I could see at the first glance which plants are already dry and which can wait a moment.

Please don't hide the information it was very useful D:

I think something like a hover icon makes more sense, you can still see from a distance and it cleans things up a bit.

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i find the current method extremely helpful while watching over a great many berry plants together.
if anything, hovering creates a room for unnecessary error. Make it so it can be toggled off, if people don't like it aesthetically.



edit: On second thoughts it is kind of confusing for grown vertical flower beds. Making it vertical for vertical flower beds would be better. 


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Personally I am of the opinion that the water UI should fade in/out depending on your vicinity to the plants.


I believe Desu said this may be difficult to implement however.

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NO. please. checking the water level with a quick-loock without having to interact with the tiles is just great. leave it just as it is.

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