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Changelog: 01/04/2016


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  • Added Sweet Scent out of battle functionality
    • Sweet Scent is a move which triggers a wild encounter on activation. If a Horde is in the area, it will initiate a Horde battle
    • Costs 5PP per out of battle use
    • Doesn't work in rain, for some reason
  • Added more obvious water indicators for Berries
  • Matchmaking/Leaderboard UIs have been merged
  • Added support for Double Battles in Automated Tournament framework
  • Updated French translation


  • Kanto Pickup
    • When the Pickup ability is active, Pickup occurs more often and provides less junk items
    • Players may now randomly pick up items when the Pickup ability is not active (at a smaller chance and with less possible items)
  • Hordes no longer have higher Pickup rates
  • Certain berry species (Low tier, EV, High tier) have had their yield ranges narrowed to provide more consistent average counts per plant

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where berries' yields would be reduced by 1 directly after growth completed
  • Fixed an issue where berry plants could reach 0 yield, but not die after growth was complete
  • Fixed Unranked MMR matching
    • Previously, Unranked PvP would match players completely randomly. Now it prefers opponents near your skill level
  • Fixed overworld animation for non-HM out of battle moves
  • Fixed missing cry when using out of battle moves
  • Fixed nicknames in HM scripts
  • Fixed evolution animation
  • Fixed an issue where, if reconnecting, the Tournament Queue indicator may not show in the bottom right
  • Followers no longer show while in Matchmaking
  • Fixed encoding issues with Tournament names and special characters
  • Fixed an issue where Breeding and Planting dialogue would not always re-open successfully on reconnect, causing a character deadlock
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