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[Denied] New way to obtain Berries

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I think everyone knows that the current way of farming berries is way to cumbersome and annoying therefor there should be an alternative way to obtain berries.

My suggestion is that they should add an NPC that sells berries for 750-1000 depending on the berry.


This NPC should be in a prominent position that is easy to get to and is close by to Silph Co. so people can buy berries with ease while competing in official tournament. For this I would suggest saffron mart would be an ideal location and would help everybody.


Seems like an ideal location for this NPC.


People can buy berries needed for PvP battles and EVing with relative ease

The berries are not too expensive yet still cost enough to make people not want to buy too many.

Don't have to deal with the giant abomination that is berry farming



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Saffron mart is ok but id rather see it in pewter because that was the original kick it spot.  Right in dat flower box yo.

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