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[Denied] Suggestion to stop 99% of all trade scams. Make all trade evos item evos.

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Graveler could evolve via hard stone.  Haunter could use poison barb or spell tag.  Machamp could use focus band.


It would make certain useless items useful for once and would stop all trade evo scammers in their tracks.  It also saves mods tons of time helping people evolve crap.  GG trade scams you had a good run.

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Or you could just ask a CM or a trusted friend.
[spoiler]Sounds like somebody's a bit salty about being scammed tho[/spoiler]

people were bringing this kind of thing up in the "start punishing scammers" thread and were told to make their own thread because one suggestion per thread. So that's what this is, not him being salty over getting scammed.
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