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[Screenshot] Post your before and after character >here<!

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So the long awaited character customisation 2.0 has finally arrived and everyone got a chance to give their character a makeover. I thought it would be nice to post a before and after screenshot to see how much we have all changed. 


Me Before




Me After



What I like most about CC2.0: The fact my ban hammer looks a lot better, how adorable the Kyu hat looks, how the colours are less obnoxious and how some things are animated to make us look part of the overworld.



I look forward to seeing pictures of your new and old characters!

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You have pretty bad taste in clothes.. If you need advice on what to wear, I know my stuff.


My look isn't complete yet.. but this is my for now.


yQmW6TW.pngOld KaynineQT


bfe58e68a340b62a0e6faa8d389208d0.png I am now a beaver, instead of a deer. I do like to put on my Antlers from time to time though.


edit: also, where did you get that shiny rat.. you didn't get another OT did you?

Edited by KaynineXL

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doesn't look too bad but i still miss my angry eyebrows tho.




and reverse scene should go in the same direction as the old one did.

kinda looked better that way now it looks like any ordinary hairstyle you get for free.


all in all 9/10 well done

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Before :-




After :-




I appreciate the work of Darkshade, He did a good work tho he made me fat and ugly .-. (Electric storm kinda looks ugly and I think you should improve the E-storm)

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To be honest I miss the sunglasses a bit since they don't match with my new outfit (it looks bad together) but the color improved and the capes just look super awesome.

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Hello. I really love the work of Darkshade, I love my new character. ♥ 


♪ X8R26Il.jpg~LxSreou.png ~ Jr487Wp.png ♪ 


P.S.: My character with my new style is added. (~) 

Hey. What is this (~) ?

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It's nice to have so much choice now, I'm still finding more that I enjoy using instead of being limited to the very few items that looked somewhat decent. I'm extremely fond of the new colour palette too.

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At first I wanted to recreate my old character but I couldn't in CC 2.0  ( hair color was removed and none of the new ones really has the right feel to it + new butterfly wings... yea better not talk about the new butterfly wings D: ). 


So I created this one from scratch. And to be honest I'm really happy with how it turned out. Although it seems pretty modest compared to the old one, I really like it. The pastel pallet is beautiful and I feel its easier to find matching accessories. ^^

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Old & new in the same spot:




Honestly, when I compare these two pictures, I liked the old one better. The CC2.0 in general looks great, but in this specific case the old black looked better IMO.

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It took me awhile to find a screenshot which didn't contain an early form of Character Customization 2.0, but I eventually found one.


This was my character before Character Customization 2.0:




And this is my character after Character Customization 2.0:




It took a long time, but it was worth it in the end.

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