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List of Hats / Vanities (Location & Prices)

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List of Hats & Van. Items Available in Shop




Lot of vanities items / Hats are now available in differents shops of both regions. 

You can find here the list with available Hats / vanities, their locations and prices.



Viridian / Oldalie:


Classic Cap: 300$

Backpack: 300$

Nurse Hat: 2k

Chuncky beret: 2,5k


Pewter / Petalburg:


Camping Cap: 3k

Boater & Sunglasses: 6k

Boater: 6k

Explorer's Hat: 7,5k


Cerulean / Rustboro:


Swimming Cap: 4k

Vest: 4k

Shorts: 4k

Cap & Sunglasses: 8k

Derby: 9k


Vermilion / Mauville:


Headband: 15k

Straw hat: 20k

Flat Cap: 20k

Bow: 25k


Lavender / Slateport:


Beret: 10k

Pointed Hat: 12,5k

Teddy Ears: 15k

Tricorne: 15k


Celadon (4th Floor) / Verdanturf:


Cap: 15k

Strippy Cap: 35k

Reflectives Goggles: 37,5k (Mossdeep for Hoenn)


Fuchsia / Foretree:


Peaked Cap: 25k

Backwards Cap: 45k

Top Hat: 40k


Saffron / Mosdeep:


Guardian hat: 50k

Fedora: 50k


Cinnabar / Sootopolis: 


Hood: 50k

Horns: 50k





Good Job DarkShade :) 


(but please bring back my happy eyes)

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reverse scene ???


I don't think you can buy hairstyles anymore from NPCs. I checked every PokeMart, including Islands, E4 and BF, and there are none. Also some of the items in here are not accurate. I have a similar thread for buyable items, with cash, from NPCs, so i had to check for myself. And for example, Rustboro sells Side Tie Bandana (which is not noted in this thread), but doen't sell Derby. Plus a few others.

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On 25/05/2016 at 10:40 AM, NNharmonia said:

I think you can only get it from mystery box.

Only obtainable from Mystery Box or GTL

Also you can dye it !Already have my orange one

Also what happened with Lucas(sinoh region player) Hat?

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Somehow the list seams alot smaller then what it used to be in Celadon City  fourth floor vanity shop i remember there being backpacks and a swimsuit top and bottom befor aswell as some hats and other stuff. they should add all that beach stuff to a beach theme town like Slateport City.

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