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The Berry Farming Guide

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   - Welcome to my Farming Guide. As you read on, you will learn (hopefully) the steps to be a farmer. Saffron Mart does not supply berries for you anymore and instead have to plant them yourself or buy them in GTL.

                                       Table of Contents


- Farming Notes

- Extra Info

- Requirements

- Getting Started (Steps)

- Breakdown Chart

- Combinations

- Duration Info


- Watering

- Death


- Amounts

- Seed Info

- Locations

- Credits

                                                                               Farming (From Updates Notes)





  • Berries can now be grown in Loamy Soil around Hoenn by using Seeds.
  • Seeds are extracted from Berries using Harvesting Tools purchasable from the Flower Shop.
  • Seeds may drop periodically in some Hoenn areas.
  • Plant 2-3 seeds in soil to get a berry plant.
  • Water your plants or they'll die. Don't water them too much or they'll drown. Some plants require more water than others.
  • Berries obtained from Saffron's Berry Merchant have been marked as Untradeable. If a player owned more than 15 of any Berry species purchased from Saffron's Berry Mart, their count has been reduced to 15 and their money has been refunded.      
  • Removed unnecessary text from Wailmer Pail hotkey interactions with Berries.         
  • Berry growth times have been rebalanced around 22/46/70 hour timers.
  • Berry sell prices have been updated:

    Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Oran, Persim -> $550->$400

    Razz, Bluk, Nanab, Wepear, Pinap -> $550->$500

    Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot -> $1050->$550

    Leppa, Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, Iapapa, Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato, Cornn, Magost, Rabuta, Nomel -> $600

    Spelon, Pamtre, Watmel, Durin, Belue, Occa, Passho, Wacan, Rindo, Yache, Chople, Kebia, Shuca, Coba, Payapa, Tanga, Charti, Kasib, Haban, Colbur, Babiri, Chilan, Enigma, Micle, Custap, Jaboca, Rowap  ($900~$1050) -> $700

    Seeds gained from Pickup are now untradeable

    Sell prices for Seeds are now 0



                                                 Extra Info

Running out of berries? You can find some berries in Island 3, Berry Forest.  You can also use a Meowth to pickup random items.

Community Pickup Guide

- Dark patches in Berry Forest are berries.



1a928dedd9253179e16e7f5cce5681a7.png   rrn1JND.png?1


- Alt runs can also get you some berries. (First berry you encounter is Oran Berry )

- All over Kanto region, there are dark patches in most of the routes that are berries you can pick up. (Check down below for the locations)

Kanto Berry Locations

Kanto Berry Locations Prt 2

Berry Exchange





             -Must have two of the following items: Wailer Pail & Harvesting Tool

            - Both of these items may be found in the house in Route 104. ( $250 for Harvesting Tool. Wailmer Pail is free, given by NPC).        

Harvesting Tool Location




Pretty Petal Flower Shop




Wailmer Pail - Talk to NPC with Yellow hair.




                                     Getting Started

- Using your Harvesting Tool item, You may get seeds from berries you have. Now remember, This item is a consumable so make  sure you buy multiple.


1) In your bag, find the item and click on it. After that you will find another menu  ( Select use of course)





2) Select a berry to harvest and how many you want.   (After harvest you will get some seeds) [ Updated with new pic, includes new layout ]







3) Once you have Seeds, You may start to plant a certain combination of them, there are different combinations of seeds to get a certain berry. For instance, the one below is  Very Spicy combined with a Very Sweet and Very Sour, creating a Sitrus berry. It also has a bar showing how much water it has. [ Updated with new pic ]






4) After planting, make sure to water the plants with Wailmer Pail. (Keep at mostly wet/moist) and wait. [ Wailmer Pail allows you to skip all the text you have to read, just put on hotkey and easier shortcut ]



5) Over time, your plants will start to grow. From seeds, to Saplings, and to a tree. You will know when you can pick berries. Just simply go up to it and press Z... (Should say the amount of berries you will receive.)





                                           Breakdown Chart


  -These Berries will be harvested into these type of Seeds-


Berry                                                  Possible Seed type

01 Aguav Berry                                             Bitter


02 Apicot Berry                                      Spicy Dry Sour


03 Aspear Berry                                          Sour


04 Belue Berry                                        Spicy Sour


05 Bluk Berry                                          Dry Sweet


06 Cheri Berry                                            Spicy


07 Chesto Berry                                          Dry


08 Cornn Berry                                       Dry Sweet


09 Durin Berry                                        Bitter Sour



10 Enigma Berry                                        Spicy, Dry 



11 Figy Berry                                              Spicy


12 Ganlon Berry                                 Dry Sweet Bitter


13 Grepa Berry                                  Dry Sweet Sour


14 Hondew Berry                               Spicy Dry Bitter


15 Iapapa Berry                                         Sour


16 Kelpsy Berry                                 Dry Bitter Sour


17 Lansat Berry                                 Sweet Bitter Dry


18 Leppa Berry                               Spicy Sweet Bitter


19 Liechi Berry                                   Spicy Dry Sweet


20 Lum Berry                                 Spicy Dry Sweet Bitter


21 Mago Berry                                           Sweet


22 Magost Berry                                 Sweet Bitter


23 Nanab Berry                                     Sweet Bitter


24 Nomel Berry                                   Spicy Sour


25 Oran Berry                               Spicy Dry Bitter Sour


26 Pamtre Berry                                  Dry Sweet


27 Pecha Berry                                      Sweet


28 Persim Berry                            Spicy Dry Sweet Sour


29 Petaya Berry                                Spicy Bitter Sour   


30 Pinap Berry                                      Spicy Sour


31 Pomeg Berry                                   Spicy Sweet Bitter


32 Qualot Berry                                    Spicy Sweet Sour


33 Rabuta Berry                                      Bitter Sour


34 Rawst Berry                                          Bitter


35 Razz Berry                                           Spicy Dry


36 Salac Berry                                  Sweet Bitter Sour


37 Starf Berry                                  Dry, Sweet, Bitter



38 Sitrus Berry                               Dry Sweet Bitter Sour


39 Spelon Berry                                       Spicy Dry


40 Tamato Berry                                      Spicy Dry


41 Watmel Berry                                      Sweet bitter


42 Wepear Berry                                     Bitter Sour


43 Wiki Berry                                               Dry


Scroll down to Gen 5. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Flavor    




- Hovering over the Berries show the combos of it and its production time. [ In-Game ]

Bold ones indicate they are useful for many things (Tournaments mostly, etc).

- Also includes Spanish translations of berries down below. 

Blue indicates the new additions of Berries from the Unova Update-



(Baya Guaya)     Aguav Berry =           x2 Very Bitter


(Baya Aricoc)     Apicot Berry  =           Spicy + Very Dry + Very Sour


(Baya Perasi)     Aspear Berry   =       x3 Plain Sour


(Baya Bariba)    Babiri Berry       =      Very Spicy, Plain Spicy, Very Dry


(Baya Andano)  Belue Berry =           Very Sour + Plain Spicy + Plain Sour


(Baya Oram)      Bluk Berry =             x2 Plain Sweet + x1 Plain Dry


(Baya Alcho)     Charti Berry      =    Very Dry, Plain Dry, Very Spicy


(Baya Zreza)     Cheri Berry         =        x3 Plain Spicy


(Baya Atania)    Chesto Berry    =         x3 Plain Dry


(Baya Chilan)   Chilan Berry       =    Very Dry, Plain Dry, Very Sweet


(Baya Pomaro)  Chople Berry   =      Very Spicy, Plain spicy, Very Bitter


(Baya Kouba)    Coba Berry      =       Very Bitter, Plain Bitter, Very Dry


(Baya Dillo)        Colbur Berry     =      Very Sour, Plain Sour, Very Spicy


(Baya Mais)        Cornn Berry      =        Very Dry + Plain Sweet + Plain Dry


(Baya Chiri)       Custap Berry    =      Very Sweet x2, Very Dry


(Baya Rudion)    Durin Berry        =         x2 Very Bitter + Plain Sour


(Baya Enigma)   Enigma Berry     =        x2 Very Spicy + Very Dry


(Baya Higog)      Figy Berry           =     Plain Spicy or Very Spicy


(Baya Gonlan)   Ganlon Berry =          Very Dry + Plain  Sweet + Very Bitter


(Baya Uvav)      Grepa Berry =         Plain Sweet +  Very Sour + Plain Sour


(Baya Anjiro)     Haban Berry      =      Very Bitter, Plain Bitter, Very Sweet


(Baya Meluce)  Hondew Berry =      Dry + Very Bitter + Plain Bitter


(Baya Pabaya)   Iapapa Berry      =       x2 Very Sour


(Baya Jaboca)  Jaboca Berry     =         Very Bitterx2, Very Sour


(Baya Drasi)      Kasib Berry         =       Very Sweet, Plain Sweet, Very Dry


(Baya Kebia)     Kebia Berry          =      Very Dry, Plain Dry, Very Sour

(Baya Algama)  Kelpsy Berry =         Very Dry + Plain Sour + Plain Dry


(Baya Zonlan)    Lansat Berry =           Very Spicy + Very Sweet + Very Sour


(Baya Zanama) Leppa Berry =           Plain Sweet +Very Spicy + Plain Bitter


(Baya Lichi)      Liechi Berry =          Very Spicy + Plain Dry + Very Sweet


(Baya Ziuela)    Lum Berry =              Very Dry + Very Spicy + Very Sweet


(Baya Ango)      Mago Berry =              x2 Very Sweet


(Baya Aostan)   Magost Berry =           Very Sweet + Plain Bitter + Plain Sweet


(Baya Lagro)      Micle Berry       =         Very Dryx2, Very Sweet


(Baya Latano)   Nanab Berry =            Plain Sweet + Plain Sweet + Plain Bitter


(Baya Monli)      Nomel Berry =            Very Sour + Plain Sour + Very Spicy


(Baya Caoca)    Occa Berry      =          Very Spicy, Plain Spicy, Very Sweet


(Baya Aranja)    Oran Berry   =            Plain Bitter +  Plain Sour +  Plain Dry


(Baya Plama)    Pamtre Berry =         x2 Very Dry   + Plain Sweet


(Baya Pasio) Passho Berry     =        Very Dry, Very Bitter, Plain Dry 


(Baya Payapa) Payapa Berry   =        Very Sour, Plain Sour, Very Sweet


(Baya Meloc)     Pecha Berry =           x3 Plain Sweet


(Baya Caquic)   Persim Berry =           Plain Dry +  Plain Spicy + Plain Sweet


(Baya Yapati)   Petaya Berry =        Very Spicy + Very Bitter + Plain Sour


(Baya Pinia)      Pinap Berry =           Plain Spicy + x2 Plain Sour


(Baya Grana)   Pomeg Berry =       Very Spicy + Plain Bitter + Plain Spicy


(Baya Ispero)  Qualot Berry   =      Plain Spicy +  Very Sweet + Plain Sweet


(Baya Safre)     Rawst Berry     =       x3 Plain Bitter


(Baya Frambu) Razz Berry      =        Very Spicy + Plain Dry


(Baya Tamar)   Rindo Berry      =      Very Bitter, Plain Bitter, Very Spicy


(Baya Magua) Rowap Berry    =         Very Sourx2, Very Spicy


(Baya Aslac)    Salac Berry      =      Very Sweet + Plain Bitter + Very Sour


(Baya Acardo) Shuca Berry    =        Very Sweet, Plain Sweet, Very Spicy


(Baya Wikano)  Spelon Berry =         x2 Very Spicy + Plain Dry


(Baya Zidra)     Sitrus Berry =         Very Sweet + Very Bitter + Very Sour


(Baya Arabol)    Starf Berry =             Very Dry + Very Sweet + Very Bitter


(Baya Tamate)  Tamato Berry =       Very Spicy + Dry + Plain Spicy


(Baya Yecana) Tanga Berry     =       Very Spicy, Plain Spicy, Very Sour


(Baya Gualot)  Wacan Berry    =         Very Sweet, Plain Sweet, Very Sour


(Baya Sambia)   Watmel Berry =         x2 Very Sweet + Very Bitter


(Baya Peragu)    Wepear Berry  =       x2 Plain Sour + x1 Very Bitter


(Baya Wiki)         Wiki Berry     =           x2 Very Dry


(Baya Rimoya)   Yache Berry    =       Very Sour, Plain Sour, Very Dry






- Berry Farming can take more than 9-74 hours (estimated).  Berry growth times have been rebalanced around 22/46/70 hour timers.

- Berries should grow into a fully tree in about 2-3 days.

- Depending on how much seeds you use, plants will grow either faster or slower. 2 Seeds = about 8+ hours and 3 Seeds about 10-72 hours (Bluk Berry for me was ~14 hours to fully finish)..

- If you don't like the waiting game, you can go offline and wait for the plants to grow.

- Going offline for more than 8 hours will probably make your plants be very dry or is on the verge of dying. 

- Your plants can stay up to 7 hours without receiving water.

- Come back online after at least 2-4 hours to check on your plants.

Wilt times are now 8 hours for all berries <--------------



Berry Time


16 Hours - Cheri, Razz, Bluk, Oran, Nanab, Wepear,  Pinap, Persim, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst and Aspear Berries

20 Hours - Magost, Cornn, Rabuta, Leppa, Nomel, Iapapa, Figy, Wiki and  Aguav Berries


42 Hours Watmel, Enigma, Belue, Spelon, Durin, Occa, Shuca, Coba, Yache, Kasib, Wacan, Tanga, Rowap, Rindo, Payapa, Passho, Kebia, Haban, Colbur, Chople, Chilan, Babiri and Charti Berries

44 Hours - Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa and Tamato (EV Berries), Lum, Sitrus, Custap, Jaboca, Micle, 

67 Hours - Petaya, Liechi, Starf, Lansat, Salac, Ganlon and Apicot Berries





- Plants should be watered depending on their thirst. (Note that certain berries now have reduced watering)

- If plants are ''dry'' or ''moist'' you can water it.

- Sometimes if you water it too fast, it can jump from ''moist'' to ''flooded''.

- Make sure not to water it when it is ''wet'' or ''flooded''. ( Wet --> Flooding)

- If you water a ''wet'' plant, it will become flooded and will decrease the amount of berries you get.

- If you water a ''flooded'' plant, it will die due to too much water.

- Keep the plant's condition under the status "wet" or ""moist" so it can grow very nice. Wet should make the plants grow faster.

- Moist to Flooded = No damage to Plant.

- Wet to Flooded = Possibility of some damage to Plant. (Almost Flooded is okay to have)

- Berry description shows water/time requirements, just hover over them to know.

- Process of watering goes by:  Moist --> Wet --> Wet --> Almost Flooded (From planting a Berry. Starts at two droplets)

- Letting a plant not get any water: Dry --> Almost Dry --> Moist --> Wet --> Wet --> Almost Flooded (From 0 droplets to full)

- Most of the berries have less water required (Meaning they don't need much watering but still water it from time to time)

- When watering Berries, one interaction will always set it to max (safe) moisture.

- Additional interactions can flood the plant

- The decrease from 5 droplets to 1 droplet takes about 7 hours.




The death of a plant can occur multiple ways.

- Watering a plant under the condition of "flooding" results into death.

- Plants that are "dry" and are not watered will die.

-Neither flooding nor dryness are an immediate fail state; We have a tolerance for neglect where it has to be an extended period of time before yield is reduced (until 0, where it immediately dies).  - Kyu

- Death timers only come into play after a plant is fully grown. It's more accurate to describe it as "rot time". Typically it would take several real days before a plant would completely rot away. - Kyu





- These can be random and also be affected by its watering.

- Wet/Moist, if you don't get flooded/dry, you will get max yield of berries.

- Getting your plants flooded/dry will reduce the max yield of berries.

- After the berry has fully grown, it has a rot time where it will decrease the amount of berries you get if you don't collect it.

- No effect berries get 1-6 at max yield.


 Berry Amounts

 Berry                                               Max Yield

- Aguav     [Baya Guaya]                         4-7

- Apicot    [Baya Aricoc]                      10-13

- Aspear    [Baya Perasi]                       3-6

- Babiri     [Baya Baribá]                        7-9 

- Belue      [Baya Andano]                    7-9

- Bluk        [Baya Oram]                         3-6

- Charti    [Baya Alcho]                         7-9

- Cheri      [Baya Zreza]                        3-6

- Chesto  [Baya Atania]                       3-6 

Chilan   [Baya Chilan]                        7-9

Chople [Baya Pomaro]                     7-9

Coba    [Baya Kouba]                        7-9

- Colbur [ Baya Dillo]                            4-9

- Cornn   [Baya Mais]                          4-7

Custap [Baya Chiri]                           7-10

- Durin    [Baya Rudion]                      7-9

- Enigma [Baya Enigma]                   7-10

- Figy       [Baya Higog]                      4-7

- Ganlon   [Baya Ganlan]                  10-13

- Grepa   [Baya Uvav]                         7-9

- Haban [Baya Anjiro]                        7-9

- Hondew  [Baya Meluce]                 7-9

- Iapapa    [Baya Pabaya]                 4-7

Jaboca  [Baya Jaboca]                  7-10

Kasib      [Baya Drasi]                      7-9

Kebia      [Baya Kebia]                     7-9

- Kelpsy    [Baya Algama]                 7-9

- Lansat    [Baya Zonla]                   11-13

- Leppa     [Baya Zanama]              5-7

- Liechi     [Baya Lichi]                     10-13

- Lum       [Baya Ziuela]                   7-10

- Mago    [Baya Ango]                     4-7

- Magost   [Baya Aostan]              4-7

Micle        [Baya Lagro]                7-10

- Nanab     [Baya Latano]             3-6

- Nomel    [Baya Monli]                 4-7

Occa      [Baya Caoca]                7-9

- Oran       [Baya Aranja]               3-6                          

- Pamtre  [Baya Plama]               7-9

Passho [Baya Pasio]                 7-9

Payapa [Baya Payapa]             7-9

- Pecha   [Baya Meloc]                3-6

- Persim [Baya Caquic]               3-6

- Petaya [Baya Yapati]              10-13

- Pinap  [Baya Pinia]                    3-6

- Pomeg [Baya Grana]                7-9

- Qualot [Baya Ispero]                7-9

- Rabuto  [Baya  Rautan]          4-7

- Rawst   [Baya Safre]                3-6

- Razz     [Baya Frambu]           3-6

Rowap [Baya Magua]            7-10

- Salac   [Baya Aslac]               10-13

Shuca [Baya Acardo]             7-9

- Sitrus    [Baya Zidra]              7-10

- Spelon   [Baya Wikano]        7-9

- Starf      [Baya Arabol]          11-13

- Tamato [Baya Tamate]       7-9

Tanga   [Baya Yecana]        7-9

Wacan [Baya Gualot]          7-9

- Watmel  [Baya Sambia]      7-9

- Wepear  [Baya Peragu]      3-6

- Wiki       [Baya Wiki]             4-7

Yache  [Baya Riyoma]        7-9


                                            Seed Info




- Combining seeds will get you a berry combo.

-'Very' can mean a combination of 'Plain' and 'Very' seeds, double 'Plain' seeds, or double 'Very' seeds. - Kyu

- Seeds are obtained by harvesting Berries. Another way is battling enemies in Hoenn's grasslands.

- Two types of seed: Plain and Very.

- It is not mandatory to use pickup to get seed from wild pokemon in Hoenn Grassland.

- Using Pickup has  higher rates of getting Seeds.

- Seeds go straight into your inventory.

- If you need seeds head over to this link: Seed Trading

- Seeds gained from Pickup are now untradeable. 

- Seed pricing for selling is now 0.  


This will show all the places you can plant your berries.

Route 104 - 11 Plants in total



2ppnilw.png  OcWl6Hk.png?1


Route 120 -  10 Plants in total







Route 123 -  12 Plants in total






Mistralton City - 72 Plants






Abundant Shrine - 84 Plants






  Part 2 Area






- Want to thank everyone  that helped make this guide possible.











And many others.



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Updated Again.

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Kanto Berry Locations


Route 3

- East of Pewter City





Route 4

- Left of Mt.Moon PC





Route 24

- North of Cerulean City





Route 25

- Northeast of Cerulean City





Route 10

- North of Lavender Town (3 In Total)





Route 9

- East of Cerulean City Top Right





Route 14

- East of Fuchsia City Bottom Right





Route 7

- East of Celadon City South Area





Route 8

- West of Lavender Town  HM01 Required





Route 23

- Bottom Area of Indigo Plateau






- Between badges #6 and #7 




Route 6

- South of Saffron City





Island 5

- East Area HM03 Required







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Updated Kanto Berries Location v2

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Kanto Berry Locations


Island 6



Go East then South from PC


Behind the PC Center


Blue Shard Tutor Area



North from the first location of this post. 



  Island 7



North Right of PC


South Left Area


Chansey House Area



Route 25

- West of Bill's House





Route 23

- West Area of Viridian City (North From Entrance)






Island 6

- Go East from PC





Route 23

- Between the Badge Gates of 6 and 7.






Route 23

- Outisde of Victory Road





Edited by xStarr
Updated Kanto Berries Location v1

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Berry Powder Crafting

Crafting medicines using the berry powder was added in one of the previous updates. Using this mechanic, one can craft his/her own potions, status heals, drugs for ev training and most importantly PP Up/Max. The primary ingredient needed to craft these items is berry powder.



Getting Berry Powder:

Berry powder can be obtained by crushing berries. To crush a berry, open the berries section of your bag, right click on a berry and select the crush option. Berry powder would be added below in the Powder section. Now, the real deal here is that not every berry gives the same amount of powder, some can give only 1x powder per berry, few can give 3x each berry and few can give 5x each. So, it makes sense to farm berry powder from the berries which give the maximum amount of berry powder per berry. I'll list few of the berries which are most commonly used and planted.


  1. ==============================================================================================================
  2.   Berry                   |   Berry Powder Obtained Per Berry   |      Growth Time (Hours)  |     Yield    
  3. ==============================================================================================================
  4.   Aspear, Cheri, Chesto,  |                 1                   |           16              |       4-6     |
  5.   Pecha, Rawst            |                                     |                           |               |
  6.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  7.   Leppa                   |                 3                   |           22              |       6-8     |    
  8.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  9.   Aguav, Figy, Iapapa,    |                 3                   |           32              |       7-8     |
  10.   Mago, Wiki              |                                     |                           |               |
  11.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  12.   Enigma, Sitrus          |                 5                   |           32              |       7-9     |
  13.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  14.   Grepa, Hondew, Kelpsy,  |                 3                   |           36              |      8-10     |
  15.   Pomeg, Qualot, Tamato   |                                     |                           |               |
  16.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  17.   Lum                     |                 5                   |           46              |               |
  18.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  19.   Apicot, Leichi, Petaya, |                 3                   |           70              |      14-28    |
  20.   Salac, Ganlon           |                                     |                           |               |
  21.                           |                                     |                           |               |
  22.   Lansat, Starf           |                 5                   |           70              |      14-18    |
  23.                           |                                     |                           |               |




So, the basic berries which are easier to grow and take less time, just give like 1x berry powder per berry which isn't much. However, Sitrus and Enigma berries give 5x powder per berry, there's also Lum berry which is used widely and it gives 5x powder as well. Lansat and Starf gives 5x as well but they take too long to grow, however if I recall their yield is much higher around 14-18 berries per plant. (Needs confirmation)

Personally, I'd say if you also happen to grow Leppa berries to sell or for sweet scent hunting, I'd say growing Sitrus berries would be better and easier since you can directly reuse those extra very sweet and very bitter seeds that you get from harvesting Pecha and Rawst berries respectively, and for very sour seeds you can plant Aspear berries separately.

Once you have enough berries of your choice, right click on them and crush them to obtain the berry powder.





Crafting items:

After obtaining berry powder, you would most probably need some secondary ingredients as well, they basically depend on the item you plan to craft. To craft items you need to go to the Crafter's House in Cerulean City and talk to him to see the list of items that you can craft. According to me, most important items that you can craft are PP Up and PP Max, those are required for increasing the PP of moves of comps, and they also sell good enough. Other then that some of the items are not really worth crafting, since they usually require a lot of stuff as secondary ingredients.

To craft a PP Up you would need x9 Berry Powder and x1 White Herbs. White herbs can further be obtained from the BP Shop in Battle Frontier, Hoenn for 100 BP per white herb. [Most items needed to craft things can be acquired in the BP Shop]

To craft a PP Max you would need x24 Berry Powder and x3 White Herbs. 

Crafting as a mechanic was made in such a way that it relies on the other two new mechanics that were introduced before it; berry farming and PvP matchmaking.

Other then crafting PP Ups/Max, one can craft vitamins for ev training as well, they might be little bit cheaper than directly buying them from BP Shop. To view other things you can craft, visit Crafter's House and talk to him.



 Location Here~




 Pokemon Leagues in Kanto and Hoenn










Item Requirement: What you will need to use for crushing Berries is a Powder Jar. After crushing your berry, you will receive powder that will be stored into this jar. Where to find this? Below it is shown. 




 Talking to him and selecting "yes" will give you Powder Jar.




Crafting updates [Kyu]

  • Added Crafting NPCs to Castelia/Driftveil/League Marts, in Unova
  • Healing item creation has been rebalanced to:
    • Antidote -> 1 Berry Powder / 1 Pecha Berry
    • Burn Heal -> 1 Berry Powder / 1 Rawst Berry
    • Ice Heal -> 1 Berry Powder / 1 Aspear Berry
    • Awakening -> 1 Berry Powder / 1 Chesto Berry
    • Parlyz Heal -> 1 Berry Powder / 1 Cheri Berry
    • Revive -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Revival Herb
    • Full Heal -> 6 Berry Powder / 2 Heal Powder
    • Max Potion -> 8 Berry Powder /2 Energy Powder
    • Ether -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Leppa Berry
    • Elixir -> 8 Berry Powder / 3 Leppa Berry
    • HP Up -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Mental Wing
    • Protein -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Muscle Wing
    • Iron -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Resist Wing
    • Calcium -> 3 Berry Powder / 1Genius Wing
    • Carbos -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Swift Wing
    • Zinc -> 3 Berry Powder / 1 Clever Wing
    • Full Restore -> 12 Berry Powder / 3 Heal Powder / Energy Powder
    • Max Revive -> 14 Berry Powder / 4 Heal Powder / 1 Revival Herb
    • Max Ether -> 8 Berry Powder / 3 Leppa Berries
    • Max Elixir -> 16 Berry Powder / 8 Leppa Berries
    • PP Up -> 9 Berry Powder / 1 White Herb
    • PP Max -> 24 Berry Powder / 3 White Herb 
    • Rare Candy -> 25 Berry Powder / 6 TinyMushroom / 1 BalmMushroom
    • Berries being salvaged into Berry Powder now give 1 Berry Powder. Previously, this was 1/2/4 depending on the tier of the plant.
    • Berries being salvaged into Seeds now always give 1 Seed

    • (Tier 1/Tier 2 seed rates remain the same, 70%/30%). Previously this was 1 or 2 (at a 75/25% rate respectively.)

    • Berry Juice -> 1 Berry Powder & 1 Fresh Water. 

    • x2 Heal Powder -> 1 Lum Berry

    • x2 TinyMushroom -> 1 BigMushroom 

    • x4 Energy Powder -> 1 Energy Root



Berry Happiness Increase:

~ The following below will help you increase your poke's happiness depending on the nature they have. 

~ Keep in mind that a berry will not increase it if it's not its proper stat. E.g: Figy will increase Adamant but not Calm.

Think any berries can be used on another nature except on the ones that decrease their stat. E.g: Iapapa on adamant works but not on Lonely.



- Figy will confuse Modest ,Bold, Calm, or Timid Pokémon.
- Iapapa will confuse Lonely, Mild, Gentle, or Hasty Pokémon.
- Wiki will confuse Adamant, Impish, Careful, or Jolly Pokémon.
- Aguav will confuse Naughty, Lax, Rash, or Naive Pokémon.
- Mago will confuse Brave, Relaxed, Quiet, or Sassy Pokémon


Edited by xStarr
Credits to LiquidFrost | Updated.

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Cheri Berry   from  3x plain Spicy

Chesto Berry   from  3x plain Dry
Pecha Berry  from   3x plain Sweet
Rawst Berry  from  3x plain Bitter
Aspear Berry  from  3x pain Sour


Berries I got from growing them.

Edited by Kurodashi

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The list of seed per berry should look like this although i need confirmation:


Berry            Possible Seedtype

01     Cheri Berry     Spicy
02     Chesto Berry     Dry
03     Pecha Berry     Sweet
04     Rawst Berry    Bitter
05     Aspear Berry     Sour
06     Leppa Berry     Spicy Sweet Bitter Sour
07     Oran Berry     Spicy Dry Bitter Sour
08     Persim Berry     Spicy Dry Sweet Sour
09     Lum Berry     Spicy Dry Sweet Bitter
10     Sitrus Berry     Dry Sweet Bitter Sour
11     Figy Berry     Spicy
12     Wiki Berry     Dry
13     Mago Berry     Sweet
14     Aguav Berry     Bitter
15     Iapapa Berry     Sour
16     Razz Berry     Spicy Dry
17     Bluk Berry     Dry Sweet
18     Nanab Berry     Sweet Bitter
19     Wepear Berry     Bitter Sour
20     Pinap Berry     Spicy Sour
21     Pomeg Berry     Spicy Sweet Bitter
22     Kelpsy Berry     Dry Bitter Sour
23     Qualot Berry     Spicy Sweet Sour
24     Hondew Berry     Spicy Dry Bitter
25     Grepa Berry     Dry Sweet Sour
26     Tamato Berry     Spicy Dry


His info matches up with the gen IV flavor list on bulbapedia for anyone wondering





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At the moment the time seems to be different between berries so far waiting for my berries for 6-7 hours

Ingame or RL hours?

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Ingame or RL hours?

Wish it was in game xD

This is bad..they just made us waste more money and time with this ...

This is not good at all...if it was like 1 hour to do the berry..but 6-7 hours..

This is one of the worst updates i ever seen.

I always get hype for it tho xD

Edited by Kouteshi

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If I get offline while my seeds are planted and if I don't done t for example 2 days. Do I've to all again from scratch?

Edited by Monnyz

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If I get offline while my seeds are planted and if I don't done t for example 2 days. Do I've to all again from scratch?

All i can say is that i don't think your seeds grow while you are offline.

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If I get offline while my seeds are planted and if I don't done t for example 2 days. Do I've to all again from scratch?


The update hasn't even been live for 24 hours, how would any player know that lol

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The list of seed per berry should look like this although i need confirmation:


Berry            Possible Seedtype

06     Leppa Berry     Spicy Sweet Bitter Sour



I'm pretty sure the guide has all harvest data, what it needs is what seed combos make what berries

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Hmm not too sure on this, but many different combos to get a certain berry. ( Razz Berry for example, Very spicy + Very dry = razz and Very Spicy + Very Bitter= Razz.

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