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Build your own Pokemon Gym: The Results


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Build your own Pokemon Gym: Results!


The judges for this contest have been busy taking their time to go through every entry. We have really enjoyed doing so with all of the fabulous entries this contest received. It's always lovely to see the talent that this community has but for this contest especially, where so many different mediums of creativity were used. Below are the winners and I hope that you can all take some time to look at their entries and congratulate them on their hard work!


1st Place: SlidingPanda 

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The one thing that really stood out about this entry were the many different types of creative elements. SlidingPanda had really taken on board the brief and tried to incorporate as many as possible into the entry. However, every single element was to an exceptionally high standard. The newspaper article was a really appropriate way to introduce the gym leader and we loved the way that the NPC character that we always see in gyms was given a name and purpose. The sprite work was to a really high standard (Darkshade approved) and I personally now want a Panda hat for my own character in game! The concept of the slides were a great idea and it is something I could imagine playing in a handheld Pokemon game. Overall this was an exceptionally good entry and SlidingPanda is a very deserving winner for this contest!




2nd Place: Miichii 

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The amount of effort put into this entry made it stand out as an entry in this competition. Not only did Miichii actually design a gym but they actually built it and recorded themselves playing through it. This provided us with a great visual representation of the gym and really brought it alive. It's one thing seeing an idea on paper but actually being able to experience puts it at a whole new level. I personally loved how Miichii kept with the theme throughout, even basing their badge design on a Flygon tail. We also really enjoyed the easter eggs and it just showed even more how much attention to detail went into this amazing entry! 




Honorable Mention: Wolfgang Damien

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For me, Wolfgang's art was amongst my favourite for this contest. The Mad Scientist gym leader really felt like a real Pokemon character. I also loved the choice of a sidekick Ditto to help link in with the Mewtwo experiments. We really loved how each Pokemon in the leader's team had a back story and helped build up his character even more. The creative originality of this entry made it a deserving of a shout out in this contest. We look forward to more entries from WolfgangDamien in future contests of this nature!



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I didn't get to finish mine, but here's the start I made for those that care :>










The idea was, to unlock the doors, you had to push the boulders onto the pads matching the helmet colour of the room you wanted opened. :p


The gym wasn't complete though, had to correct some shading and stuff, just didn't get round to it :/

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