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[GUI] ChnapFlat Theme (updated 19/02/2017)

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Hello !


Flat is life, flat is love, so why not play at PokeMMO with flat design ? Let's go ;)


1 - Pictures !


Login with animated background (Dragonite, Flareon, Combusken, all in flat design with perfect transition) :




Battle :





Global view (PC, market, pkm info, trainer card, bag, pokedex, chat, ...) :




Breeding :





Settings :





Colors used (it is good to know... no ? :( ) :




Me, creating this topic :





You are convinced ? PERFECT. So go on !


2 - Download & changelog !


Mega :  https://mega.nz/#!As9gTKZD!8IP-iPC3nQkXZ_CfvjKWrPa4fmf9iCDZAMf3bDUGp5w


Changelog (from now) :


19/02/2016 - Update theme to last update

  • Size decrease because of default font re-use


16/03/2016 - Minor update
  • Tournament timer
  • Status icons
  • Types icons
  • Pokedex pokemon view background
  • Pokedex pokemon defence & total barre
  • Others very minor things


3 - How to install !


It's very easy :

  1. Go in your PokeMMO folder, and go in the folder "data" then "themes" (the path is "<pokemmo_folder>/data/themes").
  2. Extract the downloaded file here.
  3. Launch PokeMMO, and open settings.
  4. The second line, just choose the theme "ChnapFlat".
  5. Restart the game.
  6. ENJOY !


Recommended color theme :

Color 1 : Turquoise/Green Sea (see the colors picture on top)

Color 2 : Grey



Please don't forget to post your feedback, what you like, dislike, ...


Thank you !  :)

Edited by Chnapy
New version

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Awesome theme, but it need an update, i can't plant seeds because the pop up window does not appear.




A bit of research and fixed it:


On the theme file /ui/misc.xml at the bottom of the file, just before the last </themes> tag you have to add this code:

	<theme name="seed-plant-dialog" ref="base-frame">
		<param name="minWidth"><int>350</int></param>
		<theme name="dialoglayout" ref="-defaults" allowWildcard="true">
			<param name="background"><image>none</image></param>
			<param name="border"><border>40,8,5,8</border></param>
			<param name="defaultGap"><dimension>5,2</dimension></param>
			<param name="smallGap"><dimension>8,8</dimension></param>
			<param name="mediumGap"><dimension>10,10</dimension></param>
			<param name="largeGap"><dimension>15,15</dimension></param>
			<param name="namedGaps"><map/></param>
			<theme name="label" ref="label">
				<param name="fadeDurationShow"><int>200</int></param>
				<param name="fadeDurationHide"><int>0</int></param>
				<param name="minWidth"><int>150</int></param>
				<param name="font"><font>pb-dark</font></param>

And now i can plant seeds.


Edit 2


Fixed the whole theme to put it work with the last PokeMMO Update (02/05/2016):


Fixed problem with seeds plant

Fixed problem with Matchmaking window

Fixed problems with PC window


Download link here: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3BCFC0A5B5A65BE3!10570&authkey=!AJByaUjJ9xub7hk&ithint=file%2crar


Not taking any credit of the theme, i just make it work with the last client update.

Edited by Greck

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Sorry for my absence, I come back with a refresh of the theme. So it works perfectly with the actual version of the game.


Link in the first post ;)

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Woah, very nice I usually don't use any themes cause it's either distracting and too flashy. But this is very good cause it's very clean and I love the simplicity.


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