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I has not watched anime in awhile, kind of out of touch & lookin’ to get back into it again now that things are starting to be better.


any suggestions? Preferably something rly fuckin’ cute or something rly fuckin’ dark, both if possible would be wonderful ^~^

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On 2/13/2020 at 3:37 PM, axx said:

I was kind of hopping that licht would disapear at the end of ep 1, then she would need to move on and  find another ace.

Same here. But apparently the story took a easier way. :/




There is something else I just re-watched and I recommend it: Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.

The story behind this anime is really strange but I think some guys should appreciate it.

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5 hours ago, londark said:

Yeah yeah...


It's pretty ok right here, no cases in town, people is doing fine without going crazy. Not really cool beeing forced to stay at home all day, but have to cope with it



shame this is all happening on your birthday

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here people hoarding all the tp and rice smh

and tapa bars closing tonight :/

martial law soon as cases will keep rising for a few days since preventive measures came in too late

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Yeah well... To be fair, in Friuli we really need to thank the regional government for closing everything down before getting a single official case, before the entire country started realizing what was happening....unlucky the rules weren't hard enough and a lot of people didn't take the virus too seriously at the beginning (and this is the national government fault) and we are now paying for the last 2 weeks mistakes. 


Hospitals, especially in Lombardia are facing a really big crisis, mostly cause of the number of beds and machines needed for the worst cases aren't enough, but right now the soldiers are starting some "camp hospitals" so it should be getting better... 


Markets are still up and running, honestly people didn't really hoard them for food, but mostly for other utilities like pellet, and such. 



But it's honestly really upsetting seeing other countries doing literally nothing to contain the spreading of the virus, especially France, that is second for numbers in EU. 


Also, @Vorred



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