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Discuss anime here.  What are you watching now? What did you enjoy?             I've never made an intro thread and I was thinking about returning.   

Dude you play pokemon

You may be proud to know I have watched 2 episodes of Death note and I'm on to the 3rd. So not all Anime is bad it seems.   Getting fairly hyped.   Shout out to the Bae Nikhilr, Gary and Kyo for t

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Sad that AOT is basically forcing me to read the manga with how slow they're progressing in the anime


My hero just keeps getting better and better sheesh



someone give me a show to watch , I'm bored and could use a good watch

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Since i`m a fatefag i`ll watch Apocrypha for sure....


Sayuki Reload Blast has me interested as well since i liked the original serie, but the 2 Reload sequels were mediocre. Not big expectations from it.


Kakegurui, i was reading the manga and i liked it, so  i`ll give the anime a try



Probably also Guru Guru remake

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I feel like ufotable spoiled us with those fancy sunsets, but so far liking apocrypha

Just wish they hadnt given Mordred that personality

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Just now, AshisCatchin said:

Last watched Another. 

Kind of like Final Destination but with a bit of spiritual twist. The intro is awesome and the story was great! For any horror lovers I suppose.

Another was just perfect.



boo, umbrella


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