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How much would Shadow Claw + Darkpulse change the meta?

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Since there is no physical ghost type move (OTHER THAN ASTONISH) and no special Dark Type move, literally none, how much would it shake up the meta probably?


Banette would be better, as would Houndoom, and a few others, but would it make much difference for them? would they go up a tier or two?

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Meta wouldn't shake up by much at all with those 2 moves. It's still quite an irrelevant point because those obviously wouldn't be implemented with other than all the gen4 moves and the whole metagame would look different so it's impossible to say how much did these two moves exactly affect. Neither of the Pokemon would go up by a tier, Doom would stay UU because it's an irrelevant mon in so many ways in OU... when likes of Zards don't get usage why Houndoom would. Banette is just a shit tier Mon in so many ways so one physical STAB wouldn't help it. It might get a single person use it in NU I guess.

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It's basically like asking if they went down a tier when Banette lost Shadow Ball as a physical STAB and Houndoom lost Crunch as a special STAB.

[spoiler]Can't remember if they did though, lel[/spoiler]


Can't be compared one bit because one was a strength based tier, one was usage based tier. In addition current NU has probably double the amount of Mon it had back in the day and UU started out with much more mons in usage based tiering too.

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