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March's Double Trouble Tournament (Sunday, March 6th)

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Credit to theR4PT0RSL4Y3R for the art and xSkyy for the poster.

32 Players
Unlimited Reserves
6v6 Tournament

Double Battle
Level 50


Date + Time:
Date: Sunday 6th March
Time: 5:00 PM EST | 10:00 PM GMT


Registration will open 10 minutes prior to the tournament. To register post an IGN in this thread. You may only register one person per user. Edited posts will NOT be accepted as a valid registration. 


Silph Co, Channel 7


OHKO/Species/OP Item/Evasion/Self KO
List of Clauses and what they mean


Note: Baton pass will be unbanned for the duration of the tournament.


Banned Pokemon:

All Pokemon are allowed.

1st Place Prize:

Winner's choice of:

121.gifGift Shiny Starmie  121.gif

Your choice of nature, two moves, with 2x31 IV's

All other IV's will be 25 (Unless Hidden Power)


1million PokeYen OR 1000 Reward Points



2nd Place Prize:

500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points



3rd Place Prize:

300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points



4th Place Prize:

200,000 Pokeyen OR 200 Reward Points

Host: Ronax


Refs: xSkyyPereiraa

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I'm just waiting for a Shiny Salamence, Dragonite, or Tyranitar for one of these doubles tourneys. 



EDIT: That Starmie is going to better than a lot of comps though, I love it. 

Edited by DoubleJ

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Sick banner...but why less then week notice for tournament? Guess I gotta miss this one

I apologize, SamuraiHunter. I've been busy with midterms and wasn't able to get this out sooner.

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Time to wipe off the dust...


My brother from another mother of almost the same color but with the same damn name returns to me =)

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