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Crossword Conundrum #2 (Wednesday 2nd March)

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There will be two rounds in this event, at the start of both rounds a crossword puzzle will be linked in Channel Chat. To win each round you will have to complete the crossword to get all of the highlighted letters.

Once you have all the highlighted letters you must unscramble them to reveal a word that is a clue to Noad's location.

The first player to find the location, stand in front of Noad and say the clue in normal chat wins!

Round one will be a location in Kanto and round two will be a location in Hoenn. Noad will be hiding on channel 7 for both rounds.

Date and Time
Wednesday 2nd March
5pm EST | 10pm GMT - Time Conversions here.

Channel 7


  • You must be standing in front of the event host when you give the clue in normal chat.
  • Cheating in any way will result in disqualification.
  • The event host will communicate with players in the Channel Chat for the duration of the event.

500 Reward Points for each round

Event Host: Noad



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