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[8 Gym Challenge] Prophecy Badge (PkéM: PokéManiacs)

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So first of all: Hail Xatu! Welcome to the PokéManiacs gym! PokéManiacs is a team of which purpose is not to 1) take the game too seriously 2) take ourselves too seriously. Yes, we still fail at both of these miserably at times. Whatever. So, we got this this Eggplant's PokeMMO Pilgrimage gym thing and now we're one of the Gyms and your purpose is to beat us. 


Right, so.. You think you can defeat our nerdy team? Here's your chance! First you must prove your worth to my fellow Maniacs which if you manage to do so you will be able to take on me for the battle to get the Prophecy Badge - which is a prophecy for great things to happen in your path to become the very best! (like no one ever was)




Gym location: Somewhere in the depths of Fortree City and its surroundings.


Gym roster:


Leader: OrangeManiac (OU, UU, NU)



Parke (UU, NU)

DynamicPyro (UU, NU)
Manegg (OU)
SamuraiHunter* (Doubles)
CaptainKek* (OU)

Spaintakula (OU, UU w/ my comps lol)

Raptori (OU, NU)
FuzzyRegirock (OU)
RyoOhsora (OU, Ubers)

Coolialt (DJ)


*a bit more inactive people currently



Rules and stuff:


- You take up a challenge by posting the tiers you want to take this gym on. OU is accepted as the only "lone" tier. If you want to be able to challenge our trainers fast it's recommend to at least include OU as one of the plausible tiers you can play.

- After you have posted your tiers, I will name two players that will take your challenge. The reason why I name the players is because we have a lot of players but some of them are quite inactive at times and I kinda know how active/inactive they are. I'd say a lot of our players are pretty equally skilled but I do my best to have the most equal level of challenge for everyone. My trainers can by their own initiative take on challengers without me naming trainers as well when they have time.

- You fail the gym by losing to either of the named Trainers or to Gym Leader. If you have beaten a trainer in our gym, in a rematch of our gym you need to beat only 1 trainer before allowing to battle the gym leader.

- Gym challenges will be fairly "first come, first serve", however if you fail there may be some kind of a short cooldown to let new challengers to take on the gym first


Good luck!

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GymLeaderGaryy (1st attempt):


NU vs Raptori: WON

UU vs Spaintakula: WON

NU vs. Leader OrangeManiac: WON


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Failed attempts to beat the gym:

SweeTforU (1st attempt):

OU vs Raptori: Lost

iSubZero (1st attempt):

UU vs. Parke: Lost

BlackJovi (1st attempt):

UU vs Parke: WON
NU vs Raptori: Lost

XPLOZ (1st attempt):

OU vs Spaintakula: Lost

Aftershocker (1st attempt):
OU vs. Manegg: WON
OU vs Spaintakula: Lost

JIce (1st attempt):
OU vs FuzzyRegirock: WON
Doubles vs. SamuraiHunter: WON
OU vs. Leader OrangeManiac: Lost

Yangsam (1st attempt):

OU vs Manegg: Lost

Spaintakula (1st attempt):

OU vs Manegg: WON
UU vs Parke: WON
OU vs Gym Leader OrangeManiac: Lost

Elcoolio (1st attempt):

UU vs. Parke: WON
UU vs. Spaintakula: WON
UU vs. Gym Leader OrangeManiac: Lost

Goldeneyes (1st attempt):

NU vs. Parke: WON
OU vs. Raptori: Lost

Yangsam (2nd attempt):

UU vs. Parke: WON
UU vs. Spaintakula: WON
UU vs. Gym Leader OrangeManiac: Lost


Yangsam (3rd attempt):

UU vs. Parke: WON

OU vs. Gym Leader OrangeManiac: Lost


Yangsam (4th attempt):

OU vs. Raptori: WON

UU vs. Gym Leader OrangeManiac: Lost[/spoiler]

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I did it right?




About the Ubers thing, as far as I know Ryo likes playing Ubers so if he's available I'll put you two in a Ubers match. Will name the trainers asap.

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