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Mystery Box

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I have been searching but I found nothing. Can someone tell me which items can I received from mystery box?

So far I got:

10x PP UP


5x PP max


3x TM13 (Ice beam)

 3x TM24 (Thunderbolt)


 3x TM35 (Flamethrower)


 5x rare candy


 5/10 x max exther


 3x TM23 (Iron tail)


10x max elixir


10x Lava cookies


Rocket Hat


Mystery Box


Green Motorbike Helmet





EDIT: Since this apparently is a mystery, tell me every drop you had been so far to add to my list. This should help.

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We can't help it. There's always the chance of getting something amazing out of a mystery box! Like lava cookies!


I stopped buying mystery boxes for a while after receiving 10 lava cookies three times in a row. Feeling unmotivated to keep buying them now.

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A friend of mine got 25 Premier Balls :o


Im about to take the gamble too i'll edit when the gamble it's done.   :)


Tsss, Got the Same Price as my Friend :C



I Still love the Premier Balls Tho :D

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