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Counterbid / Action suggestion



So basically I've 2 suggestions.


1 Add an counterbid system  to the current global trade so there is some negotiation possible. Since the trade chat is dead there is no negotiation anymore and for me that was the fun part about trading.


2 Add an (24?) hour auction for people that want to make some quick cash.

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Hmmm.. I like both ideas. An offer-counter offer set up where the buyer or seller could accept or reject offers, as well as an auction system where you can leave an item up for a minimum price, and after a time limit expires the highest bidder gets the item / pokemon without a seller having to accept the offer. 


Maybe the offer- counter offer system would be ingraded into the player - to - player trade system, since beating out the offers of more than 1 other person IS by definition, an auction system. But, this is almost unneeded, as its entirely possible to offer / counter offer in chat and decline trades as it is. 


The auction system could be an addition to the GTL, one side with set prices and one side with an auction house. 


OR maybe a trading post -type system? Where you list an item, pokemon, or even a group of items / pokemon for a suggested price, and then people make offers of money, items and pokemon and the seller gets to choose the offer they life best. 


I think a trading post system would be really cool if it offered to put up multiple pokemon, as a breeder Ive had the idea of selling entire battle-ready comp teams before, and the current GTL only allows you to list 1 pokemon at a time, and a team meant to stay together would be broken up. 

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