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Well, damn. I happened to be derping around in team chat, and had a thought. What if the username I tried to get in 2013 wasn't taken anymore due to character wipes in the past? So lil' snazzy me creates another account for the lols. I type in the name I first tried to get, and -- boom -- the character was created.


So now, I'm no longer xFatex.


I'm now Linwe.


Hi, my username is Linwe on PokeMMO. I've been a channel 2 regular on PokeMMO for some time, and I originally joined in 2013, sometime in February. I'm probably known for my horrid shitposting in Channel chat. (Sorry Bestfriends, can I make it up to you?)


My favorite Pokemon is probably Gligar, but Cradily is cool too.


I'm the "Boss" of a team based in Channel 2, Kingsteel Empire [KSEM]. 


I like music, Pokemon, Smash Bros, and reading/writing, to name a few things.


I am happily married to someone who shares a lot of the same interests as myself -- except for Smash Bros, he sucks.


From me to you, have a wonderful day/night, wherever you may be.


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