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Thinking of coming back.. worth it?

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Well, what has changed since 2 years or 1 year ago? I'm trying to look at the change logs and whatnot but can someone dumb it down for me like the most key things they changed that effected casual players or pro players the most.

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Welcome back to PokeMMO, I hope you enjoy your stay. :)



Now as for changes, if you want a unbiased answer, check out the changelog. If you want my bias on the game, I love the new trading system and a lot of the bells and whistles that came along in 2 years. Yeah, breeding may be a sacrafical thing, but you can see the EXACT IVs of pokemon and you can make them hold braces (to transfer single IVs from one breeder) and everstones (everstones now give 100% nature of holder). I would recommend you reading the changelog.

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Items like planks, stands and slides are now available at the bf, so better looking bases.
We had 2 game events- Halloween and Christmas which had boss fights and limited period items. Due to these events there is a circulation of diff vanities(witch's broomstick, candy cane etc) in the market. These vanities were not available in gift shop.
Certain limited period giftshop vanities were made available(pumpkin hat)

The god and saviour reconnect button was just recently added.

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I'll be coming back but with a new acc since I cant remember my old ones ): And does anyone know how I can possibly play from my phone while my computer is on?... I did it before just can't remember the exact programs etc I used... can't find the exact thread about it either.

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