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So ... I re-joined the Community a few months ago, most of you don't know me and I don't think I've ever really introduced myself here either, so I guess here it goes:


Hey! I'm Pereira, often people also call me Perry (the octupus). 


I'm a BOAS_PESSOAL_FAT32 from Portugal, I'm 16 years old so I'm still in highschool; I hope, however, to one day to follow medicine and become a doctor (so off-topic). I like to play video games like LoL and PokeMMO, you may find me as Pereiraa ('cause Pereira was taken in LoL so my nick had to become Pereiraa) but w/e.


There's not really too much to talk about me; I'm a cool guy PM me if you have any questions or wanna chat, I'm a staff member and also a Bug Moderator if anyone has anything to report-


That's pretty much about it, 


PS: You'll probably see my name as Perry in Caracal's events lol

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