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Mark a Pokemon on GTL to appear as Favorite


No idea if it was suggested before, just have used the search box but nothing.


So as the title say, what about a function that allow you to mark, check, star (whatever) a Pokemon on a GTL, in case you want to keep looking for Pokemons, but in case u don't find anything go for the pokemons u have checked.


Also adding a "Favourites" tab or something to this would be nice.


Gonna provide some mockups later.


Checkbox to make a Pokemon appear on Favourites tab:


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I couldn't agree more, i was looking all over GTL buying many things and ran out of money so i had to grind, but when i got back to GTL it became very difficult to try and remember what I was trying to buy, yes the advance search section helped and it took a while to remember the IVs and right nature of certain breeders i was looking to buy, but i believe my troubles could have been avoided if such a function was available.  There are just so many listings on GTL this would help a lot. 

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mhh why don't you just buy it later anyway? Nothing prevents you from that. If it's a matter you forget or something, place a reminder somewhere? Nothing against, I just can't see the necessity.

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