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PokeMMO G.T.L Guide | Old Trade Chat Guide | Trading In-Game

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Hello PokeMMO Community! 

This is the guide on how to use the "Global Trade Link" in PokeMMO. This guide will mainly explain how to sell,trade, and buy things on the GTL. This guide will not be as advanced as the Trade Chat guide, mainly because the GTL is a new function and is very easy to use. This guide will mainly be about tips, and skills on how to get your stuff sold. 




GTL Pokemon Listings


GTL Pokemon Listings, is the first tab in the GTL. This tab shows all the Pokemon that are up for trade in the GTL. It is very easy to navigate, and you can look up whichever Pokemon you desire. Every player prices Pokemon differently, some are overpriced, some are underpriced. Either way, it's not difficult to navigate the Pokemon Listings. Therefore, we will be moving on to the "Advanced Search" Option in GTL.


Screenshot Of The Pokemon Listings Tab





GTL Pokemon Listings (Advanced Search)


GTL Pokemon Listings comes with an Advanced Search option. You are able to look up a specific Pokemon, by; Nature, Level, IVs, Egg Group, Gender, etc. You can even look up if a Pokemon is shiny, which I feel is a great option. *Claps For Devs*. This is a very easy function to use, and pretty much takes common sense to use and figure out. For those who do not know what IVs are, IVs are basically inherited in a Pokemon. They can be bred to specific IVs you want with braces, and parent Pokemon. 


You have an option to look up the Min IVs of a Pokemon and the Max IVs of a Pokemon. Usually my advise, if your looking for a comp, I would put HP, DEF, SPDEF, and SPEED all at MIN 25, So you make sure you get a decent comp. It really depends on the Pokemon you are searching, but I feel it's good to keep a balance of IVs.


There is even a tab in the top right corner that says "NEWEST" that can be switched to: OLDEST, LOWEST PRICE, HIGHEST PRICE. It is a great function, and could really help with your searches. When I'm looking for a Pokemon, I usually go from Lowest to highest. To make sure I don't get ripped off.


Screenshot of the Pokemon Listings Tab (Advanced Search)





GTL Item Listings


The Item Listings tab, is the second tab in GTL. It shows all the items that are put up for trade by users. It will show: Vanity Items, Story Items, Shards, even trade-able Makeover kits and name-change tickets! It is very easy to navigate, it's basically like the Pokemon Listings. You can search any item you want, and you can also Refresh to check for the newest items Up!


Screenshot Of Item Listings






GTL Your Listings


This is the final GTL Tab. It shows everything that you have listed, and put up for trade. You can put up any Pokemon and any item, as long as it is trade-able! It is easy to navigate this from your PC, so you can claim your items after they have been sold. You CANNOT claim your items after they have been sold from the GTL Icon in the bottom right of your screen. You must go to the PC.


Screenshot Of Your Listings





Everything above is just brief summaries of the GTL. To help users understand more, that is just a small part of this guide. The main Guide begins now! I will now give out some of my methods of selling and buying, tips, info, and best ways to sell your things.


Pricing Your Pokemon, & Items


Pricing your Pokemon & Items properly is what will attract people to buy your stuff. When it comes to items, most people will just buy the cheapest one they are looking for. For example, if I am looking for a Black Overcoat, and I see 2 of them up in GTL. Overcoat 1 is 280k and Overcoat 2 is 200k. I will obviously buy the cheapest one. When your trying to sell items, its best you check other peoples pricing, and go slightly below everyone else, so your items can actually sell. Instead of overpricing and letting others sell there items.


Some items I feel are a bit to under-priced, and I would advise you wait until the cheapest is sold, to now take the opportunity and make your item slightly cheaper then the rest. 


When it comes to Pokemon, you can be more skillful at pricing. If you see nobody has a Competitive Modest Magneton in the GTL. You can put one up and price it for however much you want, and it will get sold eventually. Make sure anything you sell is unique when it comes to Pokemon, do NOT try to sell a 3*30 for 1.2M, when others are selling 4*31 for 800k. Make sure you always check others pricing.


Refresh Spam


As I do this myself, I am not sure how many other users do this as well. But for me I find the item that sells the most, and I keep spamming the refresh button, to see if I can buy it for a really cheap price and sell it for more. If I could think of a name for this skill, I would name it "Rapid Buying". It is highly skillful, as you can always look out for nubs to sell their Items/Pokemon under-priced. I usually do this in the Shiny tab, to see if anyone could put up a shiny Charmander for 200k :3.


This skill takes patience, so you have to really wait a while to get what you want for a cheap price.


What Not To Do


Okay, so I got a little story to tell :3 #StoryTime. Today I was looking in the GTL, and was checking all of the cheapest things in GTL in general. I found that a lot of people were selling Nuggets for 5k and Big Pearls for 5k, and star pieces for 4k. This makes no sense!! Considering, you can sell these items in regular marts for this price. Also to prevent good things being taken from you, do not under price certain things for quick money. 


Example: "Man I need a quick 150k, lemme just sell my Black Overcoat for 150k in GTL!" <------ Do not do that!! You will lose a lot of profit from not having patience, and it's just not a good idea..


Reminders & Conclusion


As a reminder, remember to Claim your items that have been sold in your PC. And also, every item that you buy is mailed to you, and you obtain mail from the PC mail system. No item is given directly to you, once it is bought. This guide was mainly just brief info on the GTL, and could come in handy for new users, and experienced users. I feel this guide was needed, a lot of my friends where asking me: "Where did the ____ go? I don't see it in my bag and I just bought it?" So I got a bit annoyed, and decided to make a full guide on the GTL.


Like many users, the GTL was easy to navigate for me, and I found it pretty easy to use, and discover everything about it within an hour. Have fun on the GTL Guys! And thank you devs for this great addition to the game!

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Hello PokeMMO Community! 

This is the guide on how to use the "Trade Chat" in PokeMMO. This guide will mainly explain how to sell,trade, and buy things on the trade chat. 
There have been many instances where players need to clear there PC, or just have to sell some items/TM's/Pokemon for extra money. One Of The Main problems that most people are having, is they are not getting much attention on the trade chat, as it is one of the most hardest things to do especially now since most people are running low on money, the trade chat continuously spams 24/7 with everyone selling and barely anyone buying.




Trade Chat Used Codes

  • BP = Battle points
  • RP = Reward points
  • WTB = Want To Buy
  • WTS = Want To Sell
  • PM = Private Message
  • Whisp = Whisper
  • Compro = Buy (Spanish)
  • Vendo = Sell (Spanish)
  • LF = Looking For
  • B/O = Buy Out / Best Offer
  • WTT = Want To Trade
  • (Auto-Buy) = Automatically Buy With Specified Price
  • #K = 1,000
  • ##K = 10,000+
  • ###K = 100,000+
  • #M = 1,000,000+
  • ##M = 10,000,000+
  • Ty = Thank You



Phrases For Trade Chat



  • WTB [Pokemon/Item/TM/RP/BP] [Price] Whisper Me
  • WTB [Pokemon/Item/TM/RP/BP] PM Me
  • LF [Pokemon/Item/TM/RP/BP] Paying [Money To Spend] Whisp me 
  • WTB [TIER] COMPS PM ME Paying [Money To Spend]


  • WTS [Pokemon/Item/TM/RP/BP] [Price] Whisp me
  • WTS [Pokemon/Item/TM/RP/BP] LF [Preferred Price] or Offers PM me
  • WTS [(Shiny/Comp) Pokemon] B/O:[Best Offer From Player] (Auto-Buy [Preferred Money])



Before Using Trade Chat


Before using the trade chat; this part is very important because before you start to buy and sell things on the trade chat, you are going to need some money first. This may sound like a lot to some and a little to some others, but to start off, in the trade chat you will want to start with at least 300k. This amount of money is great to start with! you are now open to buying some breeders/ditto's/vanity items and TM's/HM's. To obtain this money, you can simply do an island run/farm and grind some money, you can make around 125k doing islands 5-7 with Payday LVL 100 Persian holding an amulet coin.


A lot of new users just jump right into the trade chat with barely any money to spend on buying anythingThis is not the way to do it. Many people just think this: 

  • "Well I can just sell one of my comps and then start trading lol"
  • "Can't I just sell some of my things to make money?"


Yes these are both correct, but if you do this you will run low on stock, of Pokemon, items and your service will not last very long in the trading business, unless one of your friends hands you money, or if you just start overpricing your stuff to the max.


Note: Try not to over price things, it scares buyers away.


So basically this section was about the money you need before you start trading. Trust me the extra money in the beginning of becoming a seller will be helpful in the future... very helpful!



Where Are The Buyers?


The buyers can be found anywhere, some of them lurk trade chat quietly, and some of them constantly spam the trade chat and other chats saying things such as: "WTB DITTO 2x31 ADAMANT ATT/DEF WHISPER ME NOW!". Saying long phrases in all CAPS LOCKS do not attract sellers or buyers, especially when you try to buy in "Global Chat' or "Channel Chat", that makes you seem like you do not know what you are doing while trading, and lets people know they can buy some valuable things from you for a very low price. These will be some notes for the buyers:

  • Do Not Spam Other Chats With Your Trade Messages
  • Try To Look For People Selling Pokemon/Items that you might be interested in, or are similar to what you are looking for, and try to whisper them and ask if they have what you want. If they say no, then move along, it doesn't hurt to try
  • Sometimes You Can Try Your Team Chat, Team Mates are usually there to help, so you can try talking to them.
  • If Your Looking For A Specific vanity Item and specific color, do not say: "WTB DARK GREEN DEVIL WINGS PAYING 380k WHISPER ME!" You will get more sellers if you say something like this: "Wtb 1000RP Paying 380k-400k PM me"



Easiest Items To Sell


This is a List of the most sold/easiest items to sell on the trade chat:

  • Bag_Everstone_Sprite.pngEverstone (1x) = 20k
  • Bag_Choice_Band_Sprite.pngChoice Band = 200k
  • Bag_Leftovers_Sprite.pngLeftovers = 40k
  • 500RP = 200K - 250k
  • 1000RP = 400k - 450k
  • Bag_Exp._Share_Sprite.pngEXP Share = 35k - 65k
  • Bag_Lucky_Egg_Sprite.pngLucky Egg = 300k - 400k
  • Bag_Light_Ball_Sprite.pngLight Ball = 35k
  • Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Shards = 20k - 40k
  • metagross.png2x31 - 6x31 Competitive Natured Pokemon = 250k - 2M
  • kangaskhan.png2x31+ Breeders = 150k+
  • magikarp.pngFuture Comps = 300k+
  • ditto.png1x31/2x31 Ditto's = Easily one of the most easiest things to sell in trade chat goes for about 20k - 125k.

Note: Some OF The Prices Listed Above Are Not How Much The Items/Pokemon Value. However, it is how much players sell them in trade chat, and you can easily get that amount of money off of those items/Pokemon.






  • Do Not Spam or Post Trades Outside of Trade Chat into other chats (Global,Normal,Shout,Channel) (Said This Already)
  • Try Not To Use All CAPS (unless needed on Special Occasion)
  • If you are not getting offers you don't want, try to bid the item/Pokemon. (B/O:___ ) (Auto-Buy___)
  • Do Not Get SCAMMED, make all your trades wisely,and be wise about your decisions. Like vanity items, do not let users try on them if they have not purchased yet, as you can now link the vanity item, so do not get scammed. Link everything and always take money at the same time as the item/Pokemon.
  • Do Not Release Anything in your PC, always try trade chat, you might be able to get 3k off of something you would have trashed.
  • Do Not Constantly Whisper Sellers bad offers if they have ignored you or already told you no over 5 times, this gets annoying to all sellers.
  • Be wise about your whispers, try not to get blocked. for example:

Player1: "WTS [Shiny Charizard] Whisper me offers, only taking serious offers"

Player2: "How much?"

Player1: "Only taking offers"

Player2: "Okay how about 300k?"

Player1: "Blocked Player2 With The Reason "RightClick"


Do not let that happen to you.


Un-Tradeable items

  • Master Ball (Bag_Master_Ball_Sprite.pngMaster Ball = 80k-100k) most spammers/trolls/ new players will put this, this item is untradeable.
  • All Key Items
  • Gift Pokémon, Pokémon that where given to buy an NPC or by a function in-game other then wild encounters, or purchasing.
  • Rare Candy's
  • HMs



How To Grab The Attention On Trade Chat


This part is very hard to do in the trade chat. The easiest way to do this is to have a wide variety of things to sell. For example: Shiny's, Large yield of Everstones, Great comps, great deals!, and also rare Vanity Items. These things will grab so much attention from trade chat, even if you do not have such good items/Pokemon you can grab attention by having an active bid, such as one that keeps on rising as the trade chat rolls along, example:


Player1: "[Shiny Grimer] B/O:500k (Auto-Buy 3M)

Player2: *Whispers* "550k bro"

Player1: "[Shiny Grimer] B/O: 550k @Player2 (Auto-Buy 3M)


These types of sells/trades always grab peoples attention. As it seems like a lot of people are fighting for that one item/Pokemon more people will be interested and jump into the play, even if they might have not wanted it in the first place. This tactic usually only works for Shinys/ Exclusive Vanity, or really great Competitive Pokemon.


Another way to grab attention in the trade chat is by having very cheap things, or things that barely make profit. Yes I Know this is very risky, however, if you sell a lot, then you will eventually start to make more and more money as you progress in the trading business.


Remember, that getting the most attention, and having the most customers is a great way to get a lot of money. This tactic I am about to show you is what I see a lot of users doing, this one is where you constantly sell the same content. Players who are on the trade chat everyday selling one specific thing, if its shinys/everstones/comps/dittos, you always know where to find them because they keep consistent with what they are selling and with there prices. This way is how you get consistent and loyal customers. You have a higher chance of selling your ditto's if you sell ditto's everyday, rather then a person who decides to clear there PC of the 1x31 Ditto's they have.






Scammers, this will be a short section, as I just want to point out a few notes about how to know if your among a scammer, and to know how to prevent them from scamming you:

  • Do Not Let Them "Try On" Your Vanity Items.
  • Do Not Let Them "Walk Around, to look cool with" Your shiny Pokemon.
  • Make sure you trade AT THE SAME TIME this will prevent all scamming.
  • Always check the Pokemon/item they put up in the trade boxes/slots
  • Get to know the buyer first a little bit, if you suspect they will scam you.
  • If They Have Scammed in the past and you know about it, STAY AWAY





Trolls can be found anywhere, in channel chat, global, and normal. In most cases its best to just ignore them or easily block them. people who put an offer of 400k for a Shiny Rapidash or something of far more value then 400k, it is best to ignore them. if they keep on bothering you, that is when you block them.


Notes: "There are A LOT of trolls on trade chat, please be aware of this with all your transactions."




When you know its a scammer

  • Player1: "Hey Can I try on your Electric Storm hair I want to see how it looks on me?"
  • Player2: "No I can just link it to you"
  • Player1: "nvm then"

Stay AWAY From that




Conclusion | Summary


To sum it all up, make sure you are using your trade chat properly. I see a lot of users who do not know how to trade properly, or are just playing around with selling/buying. Please do not use the trade chat if you are not serious, it has enough spam already. Remember these last few notes, grab all the attention without spamming, sell at cheapest possible, do not over price, do not whisper someone really bad offers and expect them not to block/ignore you, DO NOT GET SCAMMED, do not go in other chats with your trades, if you ever do go in other chats with your trade please say: "W/c" or "Sorry w/c" So we know it was a mistake. I hope you all read this guide and begin to sell as much as possible, enjoy making money and not misusing the trade chat.



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Go to your PC, click on Global trade link (GTL), then go to the 4th tab which should be 'Create Listing' and input an item or pokemon you want to sell and a prize you want to sell it for. This only works while you are at the PC

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Ok so I've had a GTL question bugging me for a while;

Why do people so often sell things higher price than you could just buy it from a store for? For example, pokeballs. They're $200 in any town's pokemart... so why are they always $300-$600 in GTL? Surely I'd just think "Well, I'd have to collect it from the PC anyway, may as well buy it from the NPC" and save myself hundreds.

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I have a question, I put my tuxedo up for sale on the GTL. After no one bought it, I went back to my listing to claim it back; however, I did not receive my tuxedo. Is this normal or no?

Edited by hyo
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13 hours ago, hyo said:

I have a question, I put my tuxedo up for sale on the GTL. After no one bought it, I went back to my listing to claim it back; however, I did not receive my tuxedo. Is this normal or no?

It isnt, but are you aure you claimed it? It should be in your inventory in vanity items

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On 12/17/2016 at 7:34 AM, RysPicz said:

It isnt, but are you aure you claimed it? It should be in your inventory in vanity items

I double checked, it's no longer in my listings and also missing from my cosmetics category. Also did not receive my Pokeyen back. Hm, I'm baffled, but it's all good, I'll just grind the money back.

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can anyone explain how the GTL system works when it comes to expired trade items or pokemon.Like when you put a pokemon for sell and after some time because no one buyed the pokemon it is no longer for trade.


a character that has been played longer seems to keep some items for trade for a good while.While a character not played so long gets items expired much faster.So that seems to be one factor.


Can anyone with knowledge on the GTL system provide information?

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On 12/26/2015 at 1:11 PM, GoldenSunIsaac said:

do NOT try to sell a 3*30 for 1.2M

Unless it's a shiny Sudowoodo, as in only be found in the Battle Frontier. Just apathetically.


Edit: Which is before they are available in Jagged Pass.

Edited by Bigpokemonfan
Due to wild Sudowoodo in more locations
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54 minutes ago, NoobieMan said:

If I enlist a pokemon in gtl and then nobody buys it. Will i get it back? 

You will, the listing will expire after 30 days and you will be able to claim it back from the GTL like a normal sold listing.

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Great guide!

If everyone knew this stuff we could clean up GTL in no time!


On 12/26/2015 at 8:11 PM, GoldenSunIsaac said:

Refresh Spam


As I do this myself, I am not sure how many other users do this as well. But for me I find the item that sells the most, and I keep spamming the refresh button, to see if I can buy it for a really cheap price and sell it for more. If I could think of a name for this skill, I would name it "Rapid Buying". It is highly skillful, as you can always look out for nubs to sell their Items/Pokemon under-priced. I usually do this in the Shiny tab, to see if anyone could put up a shiny Charmander for 200k :3.


This skill takes patience, so you have to really wait a while to get what you want for a cheap price.



I'm pretty sure that what you refer to is commonly known as "Sniping".

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