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Changelog: 23/12/2015

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Christmas 2015

ROBOT SANTA's broken down, just in time for the holidays. Are you a bad enough dude to save Christmas?

  • The North Pole is a level 50~65 Dungeon accessible from December 24th to December 27th.
  • Speak to Santa in Saffron City to be transported to the North Pole.
Global Trade Link
  • The Trade Link is available when interacting with a PC or remotely from the Menu.
  • When accessed remotely, the Trade Link will prevent you from listing things and purchased items will be mailed to you.
  • Listings have a small fee and expire 1 week after a Character has gone inactive.
  • Added reconnection support to the client.
  • When an unclean disconnection occurs, characters will continue to exist in the overworld for a short period of time. If a player reconnects during that time period, they will be able to continue immediately where they left off.
  • Various UI updates / fixes
  • Added default-dark theme
  • Mail has been merged with the PC
  • Added evolution trees to Dex pages
  • Added day/night icons to top-left HUD widget
  • Added Friends/Teammates exceptions for Auto-Decline settings
  • Add Cry mod support
    • /cries/X.wav will be loaded as cry mods
    • Only supports wavs
    • Included in dump util
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed species not rendering behind substitute after swapping
  • Fixed species not rendering behind substitute for the caster
  • Fixed PP Up / Max being usable on Sketch
  • Fixed Mailed species not updating Dex data
  • Fixed players being able to trade before obtaining their scripted starter
  • Fixed mail HP display for party members
  • Fixed shadows rendering under some invisible NPCs
  • Fixed Nidorina/Nidoqueen egg groups
  • Fixed various underleveled evolutions occurring in the wild
  • Fixed keyboard/controller interaction with the Baton Pass switching UI
  • Fixed Evolution screen closing prematurely
  • Fixed "Give" on Leppa Berry acting as-if "Use" was selected
  • Fixed Beat-up damage calculations
  • Fixed Cotton Spore only hitting one target in multi-battles
  • Fixed various render scaling issues with move learn / evolution animations
  • Fixed an issue where if someone witha very long name mails you with a very long title, the delete button would not be rendered in the correct place.
  • Fixed Master Ball being usable in Trainer battles
  • Fixed various issues with Bide
    • Fixed issue with 'Can't KO' skills not counting as damage
    • Added 'cannot miss' to damage
    • Fixed minor broadcast issues
  • Improved handling of missing file errors on client startup
  • Fixed NPCs broadcasting 'Awaiting other players' actions'
  • Fixed incorrect handling of wav compression in monster cries
  • Fixed duplicate volume modification for cries
  • MAKEOVER KIT / NAME CHANGE TICKET are now tradeable items
  • Players can't whisper other players that they've blocked
  • Trade chat is now a channel-targeted broadcast.
  • Global chat has been removed.

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